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Great Review! You went right to the good and bad points. I was wondering have you tried the D100II if so how much better is the D200 in a comparison.
Now get you a set of "Brainwavz" ear cups and you will have comfort and great sound!They are really soft and does not change the sound
I feel your pain...I went back to 1.6It is what it is...
I have the A28, It sound alright but it's better when using the balance.When using the DA8 & MSR7 and foobar (Optical) they come to life.If you like "Bass" these are the phones for you.
That's exactly what I did stretch them and their still tight.It's going to take awhile my HD650 were like that in the beginning.
I love my A900x loveum loveum! I pair them with DX50 and C&C BH2, synergy baby! They are my commute phones and their aren't many albums or tracks that the A900x can't handle.   I would like to know what Amp if any or Dap was used for the review? I will "review" some of the songs you used for your review and see what i hear.   I buy a lot of ATH products M50, ESW9A, WS99. Just bought the "ATH-MSR7GM" don't need amp just dap.   Thank you for the review been waiting...
Good luck with that.  It stop recognizing WMA with the new upgrade on my DX50I love the sound of 1.9.2 but the other issue made me go back to 1.6., it kills me it jumps when having set to go in order. IBasso I know your working on another FW and I believe its all going to work out
Yes I agree.
I just got mine today, my first impression their real close to the M-50 than A900x. It's missing "Air", one of the reason I love the A900x is the Air to Bass combo it's just right for my ears. Will burn them in and see if they change in sound to me.
Mine plays fine, Folks have been saying their having issues uploading to DX50 if you read back you might find a solution.Hope this help.
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