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Yes I agree.
I just got mine today, my first impression their real close to the M-50 than A900x. It's missing "Air", one of the reason I love the A900x is the Air to Bass combo it's just right for my ears. Will burn them in and see if they change in sound to me.
Mine plays fine, Folks have been saying their having issues uploading to DX50 if you read back you might find a solution.Hope this help.
Try burning them in for a couple of days.Sorry for your trouble.
What source are you using with them? Are you using mp3 or flac ect...I use my AD900x as my commute headphones, DX-50+C&C BH2 perfect match for my ears.Also when i use AD900x with my Iphone5 i can hear the bass.
I had the headphones your talking about around the time I bought my DX50. Your going to like either DAP they are both way better than Samsung Galaxy. My commute rig DX50+C&C BH2+ATH A900x=Love Hope this help.
Come on Ibasso "software team", I have faith into you to fix the little quirks in the software. So everyone having little buggy problems or you swith to another FW. Looking at Geekwave...
What was improved in the new FW 1.8? Does it sound better than FW 1.6?
Yes 1.6 is a little buggy. It skips a lot, had no problem with 1.5. I love the sound from the few but the skipping is becoming annoying.
Just got my DA8 up from MKII Next on list HD 800 or LCD-x Thank you, Yulong DA8 + A28 + Alpha Dogs = Beautiful
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