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Read the threads its doable
Ahh maybe you might want to try the ATH r70x to give you that "Bass" you want.I have Yulong DA8 & A28 i hear bass all day long with the MSR7.My MSR7 are used for my Commute along with my DX50.You would love my Cerwin Vega series 38 talking about Bass. sshhh
I got the phone out "Blues"! I see "Soldering" in the forecast. Other than that I'm having a nice day. I'm wondering what other DAP I could buy?
I like very much
forgot about them.
A28 Push my HD650 with no problem but my Alpha Dogs I believe A28 does not step up to the plate as well. Change cable and plug into my DA8 and the dogs are rocking. Strange?
I bought my balance cables from moon.http://www.moon-audio.com/
I love the 650 also and my Alpha Dogs are great.Why do you love the Alpha Dogs over the LCD2?
I forgot about this DAP! I have the DX50 and I want to buy another DAP. Is the QP1R better than the AK120ii in sound? I know all DAP have bug issues but it seems Questyle are fixing them in a timely manner.
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