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I use mine with my ATH-MSR7, if you like a lot of bass well they are not the headphones for you.If you like "Clarity" and good separation well try the MSR7 monitor headphones.I use a amp(C&C BH2)with my &  ATH-Ad900 + DX50.
I'm using the MSR7 as my commute phones, want to try something different.I'm a big man I can handle the weight of the phones. I like that they are closed back.Ohhh the ZMF's are pretty! Fostex strikes again. I have the alpha dogs so i'll pass on the ZMF'S.I'll be looking for your review of the ZMF's.
So how do you like them now after you've had them for awhile?
Well I've tried it with a DAC and AV receiver getting same results no sound coming from DX80 when using the optical and coaxial out.Headphone out works fine. Paul any Ideas?
I'm sorry I meant opticle cable
DX80 a coaxial cable to (Dac Yulong MKII) same situation works fine with DX50
Ok first time trying the (optical &coax) out getting NO sound anyone know what's going on. DX50 works fine out.
Put mine on a Basketball haven't look back, plus I like that's it a little snug.Have you tried Pioneer new headphone SE-MHR5 it's been said to be very comfortable but the by the spec. maybe not as detail like MSR7.The Urbanite well each its own.
Anybody looking for a nice DAC? iFi Nano-iDSD PCM/DSD/DXD Battery Powered USB DAC Portable Decoder $159. http://www.adorama.com/IFIDSDNANO.html?emailprice=t&utm_source=rflaid912994
You will hear a big difference in your phones.
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