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I was wondering if any of the folks in here own the AK70 or AK120II? How does it compare to the DX200 in sound? I own the DX50&DX80 I like them both but want a highend DAP. Want
Please be sure to come back and tell us how the Pioneer compares to the DX50.I believe in the beginning of this of this thread someone found a fix for your issue above.
Got mine back from iBasso. Man I miss my commute gear but happy now. (Fingers cross) Thank you Paul
MSR7 seems to work great with most DAP's. I love mine with my DX80 or DX50.
Nope, something technical is wrong so contact yulong.
Neon are awful pretty slick! I like the look I have the Alpha Dogs and I love them. My MSR7 are my commute phones but their might be a change in the future.
I use mine with my ATH-MSR7, if you like a lot of bass well they are not the headphones for you.If you like "Clarity" and good separation well try the MSR7 monitor headphones.I use a amp(C&C BH2)with my &  ATH-Ad900 + DX50.
I'm using the MSR7 as my commute phones, want to try something different.I'm a big man I can handle the weight of the phones. I like that they are closed back.Ohhh the ZMF's are pretty! Fostex strikes again. I have the alpha dogs so i'll pass on the ZMF'S.I'll be looking for your review of the ZMF's.
So how do you like them now after you've had them for awhile?
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