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Have the same problem. Bought another one get the other fix later. Feel "weird" without DX50 at work.
Hmm I like the price might buy this one, wish it could hold 128gb.
LOLMost folks are complaining about the Clamping but you caught that the top part is more puffy then the part that's on your head.I'm glad you like the MSR7. 
I'll let you guys keep a tinkering and maybe these FW issues will be solved. (In a perfect world) DX50 needs soldering so i'll be in the market for a new DAP I can't stand the Iphone 6s Plus sound to Airy, clear though. I'm confident that iBasso will get these issue fix to only never have a FW problem again.(In a perfect world) The reason I will stay with iBasso, Astell&Kern have issue with their FW. So keep trying iBasso
Read the threads its doable
Ahh maybe you might want to try the ATH r70x to give you that "Bass" you want.I have Yulong DA8 & A28 i hear bass all day long with the MSR7.My MSR7 are used for my Commute along with my DX50.You would love my Cerwin Vega series 38 talking about Bass. sshhh
I got the phone out "Blues"! I see "Soldering" in the forecast. Other than that I'm having a nice day. I'm wondering what other DAP I could buy?
I like very much
forgot about them.
A28 Push my HD650 with no problem but my Alpha Dogs I believe A28 does not step up to the plate as well. Change cable and plug into my DA8 and the dogs are rocking. Strange?
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