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This "soundunlock fw" where can you find it?
, I can only attend Saturday, what time does it start?
That's "Bright"!
This why i did not try it. :) I will buy the DX90 later.I love the firmware 1.50 sound great!
I like this very much!!!! My commute ATH-A900x just got musical. Bravo, iBasso
Ok, this sound like this will be fun! I think i will attend Anyone bringing Alpha Dogs?
91.2lb 97.3lb 74.5lb
It's a little buggy at times!Samething happen too I but it stop .Playlists not at this time only the one in DX50.
I had a different experience using the C&C BH2 and the 650 also my Alpha Dogs.The sound (sound stage ect) from the 650 with the C&C was fine.Of course with the Alpha Dogs you have to be at the highest setting using the C&C but acceptable.If you want more power i would go with Ray Samuels Mustang I like the Predator.just my two cents...
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