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Original gears: DAC/Amp - Fiio E17 Alpen, which double as both desktop Headphones - vmoda M100, Beyerdynamics DT 990, Sennheiser Momentum (IEM) Speakers - Focal XS Book Wireless (thoughi only use it wired) Latest purchase: Bought Audioquest Dragonfly Red and Ultimate Ears 900s to improve my on-the-go music experience. So far it has been great. Next Wish: 1) Get a desktop DAC/Amp (
Am shopping for desktop speakers and have my eyes on Focal XS Book and Swans M200MIlKII. I own e17 and would love to get e09k as well. Since the aforementioned speakers have built in amps, can I still use e09k to override?
Thanks for the recommendation.I'm afraid these monitors are too big for my work station though, measuring at 14.7 x 9.6 x 12.4 inches.
Hi all, I just relocated and have an excuse to buy almost everything fresh. Total budget is $1500 US.   A little background: Proud owner of V-Moda M-100, using Fiio E17 to drive it. In a nutshell I prefer bass towards the strong end. I work from my home office, and I will have a helper looking after my infant child (less than 1 year old).   Wants (in order of priority): 1) Desktop speakers. Have a lot of conference calls and my V-Moda doubles as my stereo head...
I got a pair of m-100 a year ago and absolutely loved it. Am looking for another pair, an open-back one however, as I have a newborn at home and m-100 forbids me hearing the baby crying and my wife calling me (despite I only keep volume around 20).   May I ask for suggestions? Ideally a pair with signature close to m-100, a fun can richer in bass with clear highs. Budget is approximately same as m-100 i.e. $300   Many thanks
Wasn't aware that there is this consolidated thread. Made a separate post when first joined (Note: my apologies to the forum moderators).   Do not want to pump my thread:   Looking forward to further advices.
First post. Thanks all for this wonderful forum -- I learned a lot in the past few weeks just by browsing around.   Had been using crappy earphone/buds for years until 2 years ago I got a pair of Shure SRH750DJ at half price, then I learned how I have been mistreating my ears for ages. Dispute how I loved this can, the build was terrible -- despite treating them with care the 1st pair broke at the adjuster piece merely 3 months after purchase (seems to be a common...
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