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Billericay Dickie - Billy Bragg and the Blokes. Wotcha
So, just got the grey ones today...listening now from a 5s...nice! They sounded a tad warmer than my M80s, and I really like that; the top end is still there too. More listening to do...but so far so good
Momentums are reduced here in the UK...(recently £99 for a limited time on Amazon)... have this right as far as the grey ones go... I am so tempted...!
BoC was the second gig I went to in 1979 (Manchester Apollo), then again 30 years later at the Picturedrome in Holmfirth, just down the road from where I live...wonderful. U2 in 1985. I think REM were on the same bill...How about your gigs?
Motorhead Blue Oyster Cult Gillan UFO Rainbow Rush Neil Young Joan As Policewoman Walter Trout Magnum Hanoi Rocks  Suzanne Vega Iron Maiden  Black Sabbath Porcupine Tree Drive By Truckers Marillion  Fish AC/DC Whitesnake Black Star Riders Pure Reason Revolution Billy Bragg Throwing Muses  REM Belly David Bowie Thin Lizzy Van Halen Spirit Sammy Hagar Rage Against The Machine Arctic Monkeys Kasabian Hard Fi Kings of...
Hello. Got mine going thru a FiiO E09K/E07 combo, no EQ changes...they sound great to me, tho I can imagine some might like a tad off the treble...but I say listen a while and see how they are, you might well get into the sound...
I'm not sure the E06 will adds much to the iPhone 5, but it will increase volume and colour the sound (according to taste with the three EQ settings). I'm not sure that there is a 'line out' cable to be had for the 5 (one that uses the lightening connector to the FiiO); the cable that comes with the FiiO will work fine...I used the E06 with a Shuffle whilst out on the bike, and found it was useful for giving a bit more oomph (the FiiO died after about a year) I just...
So my E6 has just seems to charge ok (the red light comes on) but it won't turn on...had it several months, I use it regularly with an iPod shuffle out on my bike. Before I order another, are there any other similar size amps around? Thanks
I'm no expert, but i have a pair of Grado SR80i's that sound lovely via a Roland Cube, playing (not terribly well) an American Standard Stratocaster...they're (the headphones) cheap in the UK, even better value in the US, I think. Long cable too. Good luck getting something you like!
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