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So far so good after the reset - it has held its charge since yesterday...
Not much scope, but a lot of horror...
Hello - it's NB:V342a I have upgraded the firmware once, so - 1.2? I don't recall the exactly. It's still charging after the reset - I will post how I get on. Thank you, appreciate your time
Hello there - yes, I have 1.3 on it. I have just 'reset' it and am charging it now. I am pretty sure I have been turning it off correctly - getting the 'see you' message on the screen. It works fine - just doesn't hold the charge once it's been left off for a while (like I said, as if it hasn't been switched off...). Thanks for responding!
Mine has just died again - I charged it fully, used it for a short while, left it switched off for a day...and when I just turned it on again it has no charge...duff one? Had it since December, it was fine at first...
How are folks finding the battery life on the X1? A couple of times lately it has died (run down) very quickly - almost as if it had been left on (though there were no signs of life) - Am I possibly just switching it to some kind of 'standby' mode rather than completely off, sometimes?! 
They're very nice, though I'd agree with the comfort thing-I take them off briefly to re adjust. But on the whole I like them a lot!
I have the same set up (Classic, P3's E11K) - the amp just gives more volume, which is handy in different listening environments but not, in my view, essential. Classic sounds great on its own!
Just back from 'I Am Kloot' at the Picturedrome in Holmfirth. Wonderful
Shouldn't all this be testable - with the mat vs without the mat? Why would you not want to prove the difference by being able to say which is which consistently? If there was such a difference we'd be all over it. 
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