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cheers - I'll give it a go...!
Have you got the theme to work? I've tried - the same way I got FW 2.0 to work - but can't get it installed...? No doubt I'm doing something wrong...
Bad luck. Mine is on its way back from China after being repaired (no sound out despite playing the file, a hardware problem rather than a software issue). Bit of a pain to have to send it back - but FiiO have been very helpful. Hope you get sorted
First thing might be to reset it...? Seems to solve a few problems
Man City vs Real Madrid in the Champions League semi-final - I never thought I'd see that in my life time (not after Wednesday evenings vs Luton Town)
No, I sent via the Post Office - if it doesn't get there, then I have lost £5.00. The unit was not working, it was useless to me in that state, so I thought why not. If they get it (I've no reason to think that they won't) and they return it via registered post then I may have to pay more - but, I'll have a working X1... I appreciate what you're thinking though - I considered £5.00 reasonable; you may not think the postage costs for you are worth it. I have a few other...
I've just sent mine to China from the UK, it cost me £5.10 (about $7.00). Not ideal I know - mine died after a year - but nothing to lose for that much...
My X1 just died
OK, thanks, I will have a look. X1 is about £99. Not sure I'll get another one after mine died after 18 months of careul use. Having said that, I have other FiiO products which have been great for longer, so an X3ii or X5 look good bets...X7 a bit too dear.
What's the pitch issue? Xudoo and a 128GB card for just over £100 on Amazon UK seems like a good buy...?
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