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So my E6 has just seems to charge ok (the red light comes on) but it won't turn on...had it several months, I use it regularly with an iPod shuffle out on my bike. Before I order another, are there any other similar size amps around? Thanks
I'm no expert, but i have a pair of Grado SR80i's that sound lovely via a Roland Cube, playing (not terribly well) an American Standard Stratocaster...they're (the headphones) cheap in the UK, even better value in the US, I think. Long cable too. Good luck getting something you like!
There's CanOpener...
I charge mine with a wall problems noted. Red light goes off when done charging, but it takes a little while (depends on how run down it is).
Johnny Sniper - Enter Shikari
I think that may have solved it...! Thank you so much sir!
Right, I'm installing an update now...thanks again
Ethernet cable...
Thank you for your help
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