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I updated by Mac after it failed several times on my PC (Windows 10) - took a minute or two. I can't perceive any differences!
They may offer to fix it for you - I sent mine to China, cost me £5, a couple of weeks without it - full repair. They're good at sorting problems out when they crop up.
Just tried to update - using the utility downloaded from the B & W website - won't work - the provided cable initially connects to the PC (Windows 10) and the firmware update starts, gets to 20% complete and then says that the device has been disconnected (it hasn't). Tried it with different USB ports - same thing. Headphone wouldn't switch on then! So - tried a Bose cable - fortunately they resumed charging and could be switched on, but they can't be updated using that...
Has anybody tried these beauties with a FiiO X1ii - I'm wondering what the Bluetooth connectivity is like?
Thanks for this feedback
Has the Bluetooth function been improved by the new firmware update?! I have the first version of the X1 and I love it, but I'm after a decent Bluetooth player...Anyone? If it's got decent connectivity I'll get one...
Forgive me if I ask what might be a daft question - but are the issues with the Bluetooth connectivity something that can be fixed with firmware updates or are they because of problems with the hardware of the device? The stability and strength of the Bluetooth function are the important things for me - I just select shuffle and play the tunes (I have a first gen X1, it's the ability to be wireless that I'm after).
National treasures indeed - there are some videos on YouTube of them (well, Geddy and Alex (we're on first name terms ) ) have a park in their home town dedicated to them. They look delighted! They're like a football team - they're with you through thick and thin, a constant.
Yes - Clockwork Angels, I went to the show in Manchester. Well, I guess he's put the effort in over the years, and you can't really blame him for wanting to finish whilst he's still at the top, as it were. As you say, a perfectionist. So -  in Britain I think Rush are a hugely popular 'cult' band - you never hear them on the radio or see them in the mainstream media, but you can bet that there are loads fans knocking about. Is Canada a bit more openly proud of 'em?!
Ha, we can! Gutted that they didn't tour here again. I feel like I know them, they've been a part of my life for so long. I bet NP goes out with a disguise on - he's not one to be recognised. Surely one of the finest bands ever. Drummer eh? I try and play a bit of guitar and bass, just for my own ears...
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