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Man City vs Real Madrid in the Champions League semi-final - I never thought I'd see that in my life time (not after Wednesday evenings vs Luton Town)
No, I sent via the Post Office - if it doesn't get there, then I have lost £5.00. The unit was not working, it was useless to me in that state, so I thought why not. If they get it (I've no reason to think that they won't) and they return it via registered post then I may have to pay more - but, I'll have a working X1... I appreciate what you're thinking though - I considered £5.00 reasonable; you may not think the postage costs for you are worth it. I have a few other...
I've just sent mine to China from the UK, it cost me £5.10 (about $7.00). Not ideal I know - mine died after a year - but nothing to lose for that much...
My X1 just died
OK, thanks, I will have a look. X1 is about £99. Not sure I'll get another one after mine died after 18 months of careul use. Having said that, I have other FiiO products which have been great for longer, so an X3ii or X5 look good bets...X7 a bit too dear.
What's the pitch issue? Xudoo and a 128GB card for just over £100 on Amazon UK seems like a good buy...?
Ha, I like your thinking sir! Cheers
Numerous resets, reinstalled firmware, restored to factory settings, checked SD cards, tried different headphones - nothing, no sound at all from either headphone out or line out - so, it's dead
Thanks for that, appreciate your reply - but it didn't work for me.
Ha, you had me there... Amazon purchase, I think it's too late to return to them. Can't understand why it's suddenly decided to stop working, I'm very careful with it. Headphone socket detects headphones being taken out - it pauses the play. Thanks for your reply!
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