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Just back from 'I Am Kloot' at the Picturedrome in Holmfirth. Wonderful
Shouldn't all this be testable - with the mat vs without the mat? Why would you not want to prove the difference by being able to say which is which consistently? If there was such a difference we'd be all over it. 
Been using the X1 with the Kilimanjaro 2 and stacking kit, then tried it again without the amp, and it's just as good. Nice little gadget, can't fault it for the money
Morrissey, last night, Leeds. Brilliant
Nice. I like the second design. Good luck with your course
That's really good, like it. Keep it up!
How can one tell if it is a different master apart from listening? Is there anything descriptive in a file download, or is there information on a CD cover/vinyl cover where one could see information about this? Or is this a daft question (very likely)?
Just downloading the new Alkaloid album - "The Malkuth Grimoire" - pledged for this earlier in the year. 
Roy Buchanan
Thanks! Yes, good point about the 64GB cards. But I like having as much as I can available too
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