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I talked to Oppo sales and he confirmed the HA-2 is built on the ESS 9018K2M just as I suspected. Can't wait to see both products in around February 2015 and the price is quite right truly affordable, thanks Oppo for not gouging your customers.
Any possibility to join the loaner program for the PM-2? I agree to all the terms and conditions.
Thanks for your answer and the m902 is actually the new 9018k2m chip, the two channel version. As far as SNR they are both comparable and the only perceived advantage of the k2m is that you don't need to deal with the complexity of merging DAC inputs/outputs and also should offer a better crosstalk immunization as the chip package is the same size with less inputs and outputs. In fact if you want to build balanced, double mono circuits using 2 9018k2m is preferable instead...
About a week, he warned me to let it burn for 100 hours at least because of the new caps but right out of the box, it's already sounding so much better I just can't believe what he did. That's the only device in conjunction with the player and headphones that get me so emotional. I just feel at peace plugging my Intruder.
I am wondering if someone can help me pick an appropriate DAC? I have reduced my search to the Oppo HA-1 and the Grace Design m920. What can you tell me that would help me steer towards the HA-1. I am looking for a very good ESS 9018 implementation with full PCM and DSD high res. I also have many Apple products but don't necessarily want to stick to that requirement. I am looking at jitter free digital signal processing. The pre amp needs to have couple of inputs be RCA...
Hi bertwong welcome to Head-Fi and sorry for your wallet. All Doc stuff is amazing, I've tried them all but because I just updated to the latest DX-50 firmware, I have been out of his offering. I will most likely come back to them latter.
Just got my updated amp from Ray all in time before Xmas, I can only say wow Ray just has this magic touch, he's born with the electronic touch. My HD600 through the X5 and RS Intruder has never sounded so good, amazing synergy. Thanks Ray you rock!
I had this exact same issue when I opened up one of my former DX50 and unfortunately I had to send it back for repairs. That's the danger of opening up the player, it goes with the territory. On the positive side they just charged me 8$ to fix it but the shipping was a downer. It's nearly impossible to fix due to surface mounting. If you can get it fixed otherwise great for you. In any events, good luck.
I had both and not to be contrarian, I prefer the X5 sound and power wise (i use my cans regularly but also iems). The unit just works no complication with the DAC driver on either PC or Mac and it does come up with a user manual which has all the necessary details, the manual is also included as part of the about menu item. As far as the interface, you get use to it and it does not become an issue any longer. Take this with a grain of salt but that's my own experience. I...
I guess it all varies with mileage; my USB DAC installation worked fine and I am using JRiver MC 20 without any problems, works great in fact.
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