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Not sure how you got into this problem. I have updated to 2.2 without any issues, I followed the Quick Start Guide instructions to the letter including updating the media library manually. I have been using this version ever since and everything is working just fine. You may want to perform the update once more. Start with a fresh firmware download from the site. To reboot the player if you can't do it from the power on/off button, use the pin hole at the top to reset it.
Great work, certainly makes you think and wonder.
I have inverted and mixed G,H, I and J together (did not have the patience to do them all) and also visually inspected the audio envelope from those 3. The end results is minimal and the mixing exercises provided a flat response file meaning as far as they are concerned they are identical. I also listened to all 4 and could not discern any differences. Are you sure those are from different firmware revisions?  
I don't think my USB port is exceptional but I don't detect anything different, quality is good from both sources. Mind you most of the files I listen to from the USB setting is 48k anyway. I have also tried 192k and still believe to be very good. I feel no urge to plug an amp to the X5. That's how good I think it is.
Why would it be any different? The source is coming from your PC/Mac instead of the player, everything else stays the same.
Sold! Thank you all!
I am willing to flex but you'll have to pay for shipping from Eastern USA to Australia.
I still have one left, my friend re-gifted his own .
I am regretting it now but I figured that if it goes to a good home, why not.
Sad but true, I am selling one of my re-hauled DX50 here is the link if you are interested:    
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