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If you have one for sale please PM me.
Try just disconnecting/reconnecting the USB cable from your PC . I don't think you need the shut it down, somehow when you turn on the unit and you PC is already on, the Pulse seems to need a handshake from the PC USB port. If you start the computer and the Pulse is already on, it gets the appropriate handshake from the PC and then no need to disconnect.Hope this helps
It's a shame you're getting rid of a good DAC, I can certainly say you offer it at a great discount, the best I have seen, at least new, is 1399$ currently on MassDrop, at 1200$ it's a great price if you need one. Good luck with your sale!
Thanks Gery, I find the comment to be pretty nebulous. What does the latest tech means? It would be better if it was enumerated.Interesting, it's about ceramic capacitor rigidity and flexing under voltage application. It sounds like they only have to charge us more money for the caps made by Murata or Kemet and make zillions of holes on the board and the audio noise is down. ;-)
I look at it as a wake up call, I still believe in their ability but things will have to change since other vendors seem to be better at releasing more reliable hardware. I can't say much about their software ability since I don't have much from them. By the way the failures are not drastic they are just annoying since you have to be disabled music wise for a little while.By the way Larry is a brilliant engineer but what I think he's good with are one off. Doing it on a...
You've realized that the Cavall Gold is not a DAC, you'll need a source to feed your end game amp, the Grace m920 DAC can do that.
They told me it does not for example the GoV2a contains the new Murata noiseless caps (whatever that means and believe me I saw caps before and can't comprehend what kind of caps those are) while the V2+ does not so very disappointing for people who paid ridiculous amount of money for the V2+. Pretty typical disappoint one group at the expense of another.
I don't think they've got a great track record with dying items, my Revive just died yesterday, sent the Pulse DAC once and the Go V2+ twice. Their QC process stinks, they should burn those properly before shipping. DACs faulting is a very rare occurrence but not with them. The Geek Blue fortunately still works. I find their 12 Volt supply without proper grounding a bit disconcerting. Once in a while just waving close to those two units creates interference. Weird. I am...
Just sent you a message.
Sure is, it'll light up your living room and fill the air with wonderful music, what else would one ask?
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