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Excellent review Joe, concise and to the point, in a few paragraphs you have voiced my own feeling about the X5. It's going to be the dap to beat and my gut feeling is that Fiio will outdo itself with the X7 but at a higher price point, for now the X5 is a heck of a bargain for the quality and functionality you are getting. The firmware update is the icing on the cake.
My dear friend you spent too much time on the box! 
 I guess that's the danger of a beta product, That sounds like a regression issue, they should have maintained the same functionality as the prior version, if not then it is a change which should hopefully be in the list of firmware changes when released. My take; wait until the official release is out else you might be dealing with an unfinished product.
Would a rose by any other name smells as sweet?   As much as I enjoy seeing the DX50 sound library being updated, the hardware is still the thing that holds it back.
I'd like to endorse lin0003, Brooko and DigitalFreak very objective reviewers and this product would gain from their honest opinions and experiences.   I have not reviewed any iems, never used their products so I don't think I would be an experience reviewer, may be a first time one but that's it.   Good luck to everyone!
It's in the internal memory root directory as wallpaper.png. You got to make sure it's a png file type. In fact you don't need to reboot to see it once you disconnect from your PC, it should show up.
Not sure how you got into this problem. I have updated to 2.2 without any issues, I followed the Quick Start Guide instructions to the letter including updating the media library manually. I have been using this version ever since and everything is working just fine. You may want to perform the update once more. Start with a fresh firmware download from the site. To reboot the player if you can't do it from the power on/off button, use the pin hole at the top to reset it.
Great work, certainly makes you think and wonder.
I have inverted and mixed G,H, I and J together (did not have the patience to do them all) and also visually inspected the audio envelope from those 3. The end results is minimal and the mixing exercises provided a flat response file meaning as far as they are concerned they are identical. I also listened to all 4 and could not discern any differences. Are you sure those are from different firmware revisions?  
I don't think my USB port is exceptional but I don't detect anything different, quality is good from both sources. Mind you most of the files I listen to from the USB setting is 48k anyway. I have also tried 192k and still believe to be very good. I feel no urge to plug an amp to the X5. That's how good I think it is.
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