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Better get used to the look and feel, everything else they'll build from now on will be derived from this prototype.
Fantastic, thank you!
Casey, is the V2+ Infinity going to be offered on the marketplace after the end of V2/V2+ campaign?
Same than the Wave
It's not censored, it's just that it's getting old and frankly I have heard it all and to be honest it's getting tiring to see people bashing a vendor. There are a few recourses one can take, for example avoid them if you really feel strongly about it. How would you feel if someone would constantly bash you in public? If you want to do something, do something constructive; give those guys your thoughts, according to you, how you feel they should run their business but be...
I've heard the Go 1k and was blown away with its performance. If they have improved with the V2, it could only go up. With the current delivery and production state of affair I may cave in.
It's not a generalization, it's just the nature of the business, that you like it or not that's just the way things are. By the look of it it sounds like you have not suffer that much you said you got a Go 450 and you cancelled your V2 order, I would think you did pretty good.
First they have released products, you have a Go 450 so that's one. They have also released Pulses so you can't say in a blind statement that they haven't released anything, that would be lying. Yes, I do have to admit hey're not the best at communicating but I do get the feeling that they are trying to accommodate, maybe not in their original timeframe, but by eventually delivering. With what I have experienced on IndieGoGo, they are not the first and surely won't be the...
I have been there done that and have been on IndieGoGo, to be honest so far with all the projects I have been involved, they are the first ones I have seen delivering goods, my other ones have found every excuse on the block to not deliver. It's the nature of crowd funding, not good for everyone. Unfortunately a lot of folks think that's an open store which is by far anything but that. With the rewards, there are tremendous risks with this kind of venture like a lot of...
Well, what I have seen so far they're about to be released and frankly the design really looks very good.
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