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No CanJam for me just too far and too late. I want a pair of nighthawk so badly! When are they going to release them to the general public? What's the best place to order those gorgeous phones?
The support website can be accessed directly, it's not down, here is the link:
 Opt for Option B, I have an X5 and rarely use the 2nd slot if ever, having one slot plus internal mem should be more than enough. If you could make the Wi-Fi module with the option to turn it on/off that would mitigate some of the power problems. I am not certainly planning to use it that much except when at home which it'll be connected to a wall charger or at least charged regularly. If you skip Bluetooth, I don't think I'll shed any tears.
I really like this X7 version, maybe with the bottom a little shorter it would look amazing. The last rendition kind a look ok but not as much attractive than this version.
It's truly entertaining, beats reality TV too bad there is no on stage version of that with all the shouting, pulling hair, throwing shoes at each other. It's almost live entertainment. I am about to keep a score board to see who's winning on the heated debate.
I don't care if it's not acknowledging anything, if it sounds great Il'l be all over. I like the box design, it's a heck of a departure compared to the Vi line which I thought was pretty unique. I think those design kids are starting to warm up to the mainstream case designs but with an artistic flair. If it's lacking coherence it's because the Pulse was so off track that the HPA makes it look like passé.
I think I am having more fun reading this thread than actually participating in it. Guys keep the good work, it's truly entertaining! Oh also please One more thing @FayeForever love your Avatar.
 Scanning the library builds the file link references onto the micro card database. So the only saving you are going to achieve is space on your card. You made the assumption that the player keeps all of those previously scanned references in internal memory. I do not think this is the way the caching system works, first it does not have the capacity to contain references for large file storage. I believe they changed the way they save links to the library content to go to...
Memory will only help when tag based browsing, not folder access. Turn off the auto file scanning if you move to folder browsing it'll save you some unnecessary grief that does not apply to folder browsing.What do you mean by cleaning up?If you are talking about folder structure and removing redundant files, absolutely but without doing anything it's your folder structure that is going to guide how long and how deep you'll have to scroll. Best is to try to keep the lists...
With firmware on top of understanding the code, you need hardware knowledge as well. It's not enough to reverse engineer the firmware. You could easily screw up the compiled code if you ever type the wrong instructions or access the wrong address/ports of different control chips even with the code alone you'd still struggle. The reason why the modification of this firmware is relatively safe is due to the proper segregation of the UI interface from the basic player...
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