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The 4-pin Kobiconn is an interesting idea and it would work well with my intruder but if there is one connector and not this one to choose from, I'd rather want the 3.5 mm version as opposed to the smaller 2.5 mm version. I would most likely rewire my phones myself so not a concern for getting adapters or cables using that connector.
Looks like we all going to make do with the so called "improved" enclosures.Please make sure you take some picture shots, I think we should post this in here or maybe in a more generic "I have an hodgepodge Geek Setup" thread.
  With a little bit of soldering, it's pretty inexpensive to make, maybe a few bucks. I have a few extra kobiconn 4-pin connectors, I just need a few female receptacles and voila got myself a few cheap interface connectors. Maybe we can start a kobiconn to TRRS business  
I know, it's no comfort but missed deadlines eventually catches up with you, I don't know that many people who likes slipping deadlines. Life/Time has its own way to slap you hard in your face, if their timing isn't improving as time goes, people will flee. There is just so much you can squeeze from a lemon. Talking about lemon, "When life gives you lemons make lemonade".
Couldn't have said any better, at the end of the day, I reach for my HD600 because of comfort and music enjoyment, my mind can wander on other things.I am also curious about how the NightHawk will feel/sound in comparison to my comfy Sennheiser, comfort will definitively be an important part of my evaluation.
I have a similar one I've worked on some time ago with transparent icons and some coloring of different icons.   Here is the V2.5 version, use as you see fit.
Excellent, the ESS DAC is not the end all. Sometimes I like a great Cirrus Logic CS4398 or TI PCM1792A implementation. It'd be something if they could design rolling DACs or maybe switchable DAC modules.
One thing is for sure, James is no poker face. Is there a cooking school called "A la Farce" by any chance? James please take a seat! His description is riddled with illogical and confusing options that would for sure wake up the audio dead.
Finally a useful device turning into a weapon, in case of duress pick up the brick, throw it at your opponent and RUN!
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