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Sure is, it'll light up your living room and fill the air with wonderful music, what else would one ask?
If you read their page, according to them, it's the military radar technology that they got the idea plus automagically using dynamic noise suppressing components, they sure have those things working in reverse of what I thought things were going to but again kudos to them if they can reduce this variable to vanishing lows.
 Hey congrats, that looks amazingly stunning. So you've sold your unit to someone else? Did you also buy the tubes too?
 I would be very wary about peak to peak noise floor claim values. As most people are aware, those transformers (since that is what these are) and the DC purifier which is really composed of active and passive components inherently produce noise that is more or less a coefficient of temperature than input/output levels and I am not talking about any amplification yet (Johnston, white noise). Suffice to say that unless you have the required equipment to measure those...
It seems to me that it does not matter what LH Labs says or does, the audiophile population is biased towards them failing at every step of the way. There is just no tolerance for failures. Just imagine in the world of inventions and discoveries if anyone would have been deterred with that kind of attitude, we wouldn't be where we are now having those discussions on this board. As painful as it is to see someone tripping obver their difficulties, it's not our duty to knock...
Maybe wait for new Cavalli amps.
Or save some money for other audio ventures, there seems to be an endless flurry of them.
If you haven't clocked that many hours I'd suggest you sell it now otherwise once you reach it, you won't. Do try different music genres when it's burned in, it's quite interesting to see how well it handles them all. One thing you need to do early if you can, try all the connections on your DAC, this way if you have any issues you can get that fixed early on before you sell. But really if you want to call it quit, it's a nice DAC you can make your own TOTL.I just got home...
Congrats! Similar setup and same headphones. Did the same thing could not go to sleep. The DAC and HD600 work extremely well but my best combo so far HE-560 not sure why but it's as if the LH Labs crew use their own pair when tuning it. Now for me I got the last ounces of best resolving sound with the Revive. It's interesting to see that just some little USB signal rebuild circuitry can make such a marked difference. What a shame you'll have to sell it after such a long...
Thanks Paul for helping you're a champ!
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