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I still have one left, my friend re-gifted his own .
I am regretting it now but I figured that if it goes to a good home, why not.
Sad but true, I am selling one of my re-hauled DX50 here is the link if you are interested:    
I need to make some space in my drawers of electronic goodies. I am selling my DX50 number one which has been re-hauled by iBasso with brand new DX90 like plugs, on/off buttons and volume control. It's iBasso clean bill of health. It comes with the original accessories and I also included the black rubber case which I had to buy, an extra battery plus a short custom interconnect cable I made myself with right angle Neutrik connectors and cryo silver/copper wires (~35$)....
Just wanted to let you know Joe, sending me the whole X5 case has worked in your advantage. I have had the X5 for over a month and my ears refused to let it go.However, not a single day has passed without me cursing you (in a friendly way that is, I have too much respect for you) about the puny 8 minutes auto shutdown. I overuse the power on/off button because of that (long press to get it going again) too many times and I refuse to turn it off in fear of the battery going...
Same here, that would be a suicidal move. Damn boring flat pancake again Anyway now that I have gone away from using my iPhone 5s for music, who gives a damn! at this point, I can only say:
The only thing left, if you use library browsing, is to initially scan the library, I believe the library list gets deleted when you firmware upgrade and factory reset.
Someone had a similar experience than you few pages back, I suggest you go back and search for the solution, although I don't think he was able to recover. iBasso should reprimanded for that, no excuse for poor driver installation, I had to repeat mine 4 times and then it worked. You may want to wait for an update if it's not going to work out for you.
I have to say DOC2008 V1.1 MEGA EXPLOSION beats iBasso 1.5.0, hard to believe but true, now If I could only get rid of DOC's popup orange window.     BTW I have just added DOC's DX50 MEGA Update on the version download page, just let me know if I messed up.
yawn Very quiet thread not much exciting things happening here.
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