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But again, I think that goes back to price. $2300 isn't cheap, but it's far less likely to cause buyer's remorse to someone who enjoys it but went overbudget than an $8000 DAC (base price). Their intelligent pricing is one reason Schitt is so far ahead of the game and gaining market share.   An $8000 DAC better be the best damn DAC I've ever heard for me to keep it. A $2300 one doesn't need to be (but it's nice if it is).
Yup. That is the thing...Schitt sells a large volume of DAC's and amps, so it makes sense some will come up for sale or be returned. They are usually immediately snapped up too, when they're available.   As you said, MSB probably sells 25 DAC's a year and they aren't TOO hard to find on the used market for nearly half the price.
http://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649204365-msb-analog-dac-full-stack-with-volume-control-umt-ethernet-input-black-with-analog-dac-power-base/   http://www.hifishark.com/search?q=msb+analog®ion=&country_iso=US&site_id=&sold=on   I wouldn't say MSB Analogs are NEVER resold....   In any case, I think it's safe to say one could purchase the Yggy and resell it for about 90% of its' value, especially with demand where it is. Those Analogs aren't relisted near their...
I think of the "fashion-conscious" headphones I've seen up to this point are butt-ugly. This is ever so slightly ahead of the Sony's and Beats headphones I see sitting around at Best Buy (and the Momentums, for that matter...I hated the headband on them), but that's not exactly a compliment.
Or just a more colored, fun HD800. :)
That FR graph is too weird for me. At that price, I'll happily stick with the Mad Dog.
*bump* Not finding a lot of info on these. Has insane potential for a desktop source at work.
The upper mids/low treble on the HE-560 are very forward, that is what you are hearing. Some of us are very sensitive to spikes in that area and it can overpower the rest of the spectrums, as you describe. I ended up skipping this particular headphone for that reason.   Over time, I've discovered what I adore about the HD800 is the mids are actually laid back slightly, but the treble is forward. So it's oddly relaxing yet insanely detailed.
If you can't own it, don't want to own it or if you do end up owning it but can never feel comfortable with it because of the price, does it really exist?
Also, one more thing about prices, especially in this hobby...Usually any audio review I read, someone is like, "When I hooked my Zideon DAC ($25000 base price with $10000 upgraded power supply and $15000 CD transport) up to my Blowhard Omega Speakers ($250,000 per pair) and they are powered by the Gingko Power Amp ($75,000 with optional $5,000 NOS Ginseng Power Tubes), I was amazed at how they sounded." You can probably find the equivalent of what I just wrote in the...
New Posts  All Forums: