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Honestly (and I know I keep mentioning this), the Rockbox firmware transforms the player completely, to the point that it deems any issues with the earlier firmwares obsolete (although it does have a learning curve as far as navigation). I think the current firmware is also much, much more user friendly, but it's debatable whether it actually sounds better than the earlier ones (despite the usage issues, I felt 1.2.2 and 1.2.5 sounded better than the current one...again,...
Flawlessly with 24/96. Check the DX50 on Rockbox thread for other formats. But it handled everything just fine (without downsizing the files...plays them natively). I'm pretty sure the regular firmwares handle it as well though.
Again though, stick Rockbox on the DX50 and that "warmness" from the various firmwares goes away. It's pretty dead neutral to me. If anything, it becomes a little too analytical (but you can tweak the 4khz and 8khz EQ bands to ease the high mids and treble...Rockbox EQ works very well without the inherent goofiness of the Ibasso EQ). That flexibility has made it my go-to source in recent months.
I am doing my research on various amps and I keep having the same question: Is there an amp (preferably a tube amp) that can drive both Dynamic headphones (primarily HD600/800) and orthos (primarily Hifiman and the Mr Speakers headphones) equally well?   I have read that SET/OTL amps (ex Woo Audio 2) drive dynamics the best, but struggle with the requirements of orthos. I also gather that orthos pair best with either solid state amps and transformer-coupled tube amps...
The idea sounded good on paper, I just prefer the presentation of the Mad Dogs. I actually tended to get listening fatigue from the TH900.
I had my time with the TH900 and I kind of understand David's (relative) lack of enthusiasm for them. I thought, bass-wise, they were beaten pretty soundly by just about any planar (including the Mad Dog, which is about 1/5 the price) and I just kind of got bored/tired of them. It was kind of like a mainstream headphone with an ultra fast decay. Plus, for a closed back, the isolation is pretty lousy.   IMO, a fair price for it is probably closer to the $800-$1000 range.
Actually, the DX50 is quite cheap. At least in comparative terms to media players nowadays. The DX100 was too much for me and I didn't want to be carrying around a player that was nearly $1000, the DX50 I can use a lot more liberally. It can definitely take a beating, day in and day out.
Might be the (lousy) camera work, but yes, it is naturally gray. Mine looked like all the review samples I had viewed online, prior to purchasing.
Rockbox ended the firmware debate for me. I agree, with most of the standard firmwares, the sound tends to be towards the warm/lush side, but I think Rockbox is pretty close to being dead neutral on the DX50. My appreciation for the unit went up about 10 fold after hearing how it sounded in Rockbox mode. If anything, it can tend to be bright, but the handy 4khz/8khz bands on the EQ rectify a lot of that.
Great little amplifier. Tons of power, warm and detailed sounding. Excellent pairing with the HD800.   Not looking for trades. Comes with original packaging and instructions and has little to no signs of wear. Bought from Violectric USA on 1/15/2014 and unit has around 200 hours on it (50 or so burn-in, the rest from listening). Would keep it, but am looking to move towards a Woo Audio 5.   Price includes shipping and paypal fees. CONUS only.   Thank you for looking!
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