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If you have some flux that you can apply to the braid that wil help draw the solder out it helps with the wicking action. The double pole double throw are also are also a bit more complicated than mose think and can be a bear to solder I use them for some guitar things , stacked humbukers into a single coil , or phase in a strat.
Thanks Pabbi1 good advice I will just let the wood do its thing and act accordingly. I have a 1989 les paul standard with tobacco sunburst maple face actually funny you should mention it with the arch its pretty thick.
Pabbi1 do you have any tips for working with the birdseye maple ? I have some on the way Handpick Exotic Wood Online - Bell Forest Products Im just making a small mount for little hand crank musical movement. What did you find worked well finishing wise also ? thanks its nice work btw I would take it over the mass-produced stuff in a second.
Enjoy bro !
Paid up sinwerm slot 103 edit (just re-reading the thread ; wow we are an orderly bunch it's nice to see this these days people promise something and stand behind it , im feeling a bit proud of this group of DIYer's) I did not expect anything less.
Im a still a smoker so she notices the close to 10 bucks a pack that I fudge in the budget NYC prices. I gotta quit.
I have not posted in ages but still read here on almost a daily basis. Always look for Ti"s posts and responses a wealth of information. Love his website such inovation for the DIY community. This is a great way to say thanks wonderfull idea IPodPJ. Im in , will just have to tell the new wife (got married in October Las Vegas style) that this is a needfull budget adjustment.
He did not say he bought one , just that one is arriving , he may want to listen and compare. I wonder how many who actually built the clone really have listend to the manufacured one for themselves. Sounds cool to me.
Very creative , Im still left wondering if perhaps the use Vishay or blackgates might have helped performance.
Mini3 is a good option for first time , very good support and a nice instruction and overview of parts and ordering. The Mini³ Portable Stereo Headphone Amplifier and a build link HeadWize: DIY Workshop > Mini³ v2: A portable headphone amplifier
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