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For sale is an Inspire KT-88 Single Ended Tube amplifier from Dennis Had -- retired founder of Cary Audio.   Dennis Had is a legend in the audio world, being the engineer and founder of Cary Audio - the company that brought us among others the famed Cary CAD-805. It was Dennis Had’s Cary CAD-805 that put SET amplifiers on magazine covers. It had the build-quality of a McIntosh and established the phrase “SET midrange magic.” (See “Ten Most Significant Amplifiers of All...
I bought this amp for Christmas, with the options Drew mentioned (Lundahl; Preamp).Very happy with this Dragon. Definitely a keeper. It's giving new life into my headphones :-)
Thx - much appreciate it. 
Because I'm doing the decent thing by giving each person who PMed me some hours to respond.
Need to sell my Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Headphones (Mahogany ear-cups). I just bought some expensive audio gear, and will need to save-up for my next purchase.   The TH-X00 has been paid for in full, and has just arrived today.   Here is a link to the Massdrop page:   If you are interested please PM me.  I will respond "first come first serve" according to the order in my mailbox.   (a) Price is $399 (which is the Massdrop price). (b)...
Unit #7 was just received yesterday afternoon. Already listening to it now.
Was the new iDAC2 bundle announced? (Can someone post the link please).   Thx.
If its not too late, I'd like to sign up. I agree to the terms. Located in MA in case it helps in route selection.
Thanks musicman59 -- I guess that makes sense. The dealers do need to keep their cut of the deal.
I've been lurking on this thread for the past couple weeks, reading all the postings (all 50 pages of it). The MHA-100 looks very appealing (drool...)  :-)   Is anybody organizing a group-buy for the MHA-100?
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