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If its not too late, I'd like to sign up. I agree to the terms. Located in MA in case it helps in route selection.
Thanks musicman59 -- I guess that makes sense. The dealers do need to keep their cut of the deal.
I've been lurking on this thread for the past couple weeks, reading all the postings (all 50 pages of it). The MHA-100 looks very appealing (drool...)  :-)   Is anybody organizing a group-buy for the MHA-100?
So this is very interesting.  Just imagine:  Beats headphones with built-in iPod :-)   Lightning used to sync to Mac/iTunes-HD.   Apple has already caused several industry "resets" in the past. Now Thunderbolt making its way into the PC market.   No reason to doubt Apple's ability to replace USB2.0/USB3.0 or the 3.5mm jack.
Yes I'm very interested also.  If this news turns out to be accurate (we'll have to wait for WWDC conference in June), then it opens a whole lot of other interesting possibilities:   (a) Apple in-ears becomes the bottom-end "headphones", while the Apple/Beats brand becomes the high-end (regardless of audio quality).   (b) Larger storage needed (for 24bit files) in iDevices. (A refresh of the iPod Classic?);   (c) Larger iCloud music backup space;   Heck, maybe one...
Well, Apple did pull-off the DRM-free version for iTunes, and people still bought it.  I'd love to see the statistics/numbers (or even just a percentage numbers) of people who buy the $0.99 vs the $1.29.
Assuming Apple really does 24-bit music, does it mean that:   (a) I can cease considering other HD portable sources (just stick with my IOS devices);   (b) I'll need "upgrade" all my iTunes music (and pay more $);   (c) I won't be able to buy/import music (into my IOS device) from HD Tracks, Sony, and other hi-def music stores;
"Apple is said to be introducing high definition audio playback in iOS 8 alongside new versions of its In-Ear Headphones and Lightning connector"...   "...Apple will announce high-fidelity iTunes music downloads..."     Does anyone know what "high definition" here means...?   Thx.
@DigitalFreak: so I would consider the "die hard" brand-loyal fans to be part of the vendors marketing machinery. Perhaps one possible way to limit their impact is to use the star-vote feature on Amazon on a given product. Lots if people read these stars and the comments. I believe Amazon makes sure there's one comment only per amazon account (which is cross verified to the account holder's credit card). I certainly go to Amazon just to check on people's comments...
Yes this is a very interesting thread by @DigitalFreak. Maybe the true answer (as to why vendors get away with poor products) is that "it doesn't matter", so long as (a) the market for these remain small and (b) consumers put up with it. For me the interesting question is also: what is the future role of audiophile portable devices in the coming "wearable device" market, which some analysts are projecting to grow to $5B or $6B in the next few years. o can headphones do...
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