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Waiting on stock at Penon. Want Xduoo X2.
Are these sold out everywhere except aliexpress? I'd rather not deal with that site.
For those who are interested, but don't own one yet... There's a certain site doing a drop of these... a mass....drop.......
I paid $400 CAD (Canadian dollars) and I believe they are worth every penny. At a month and a half in, they're my favourite bluetooth headphone by far.
That certainly was a quick review. Well done. 
My 2c: I have both an X1 and an A10, and I happen to prefer the A10.  They sound really similar (flat) to my ears, but the A10's battery life and other capabilities (Like Aptx BT) give it a slight edge (even though the cost is at least double)
MDR 1RBT MK2. Import-only if you're in north america.
This pairing is just stupendous. So pleased.
I paid nearly that for the A15 in Canada :-/ You're not alone.
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