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I'd wait a month and cop the Fiio X1 with a 64 or 128gb micro sd card... If you can't wait, a Colorfly C3 with the same size cards would do the trick.
How about next month :P
32gb M2 for $200 vs 0gb X1 for $100. A hearty battle. I look forward to purchasing both.
They're up for $169 for the 16gb, $205 for the 32. Black and silver on the site.
Ouch. That hurts.
I see they have the 8gb on the website... Wish I could get my hands on one of these :/ Had it in the cart and hit checkout before I realized it wasn't doable to Canada. Same on ebay. Sadface.
Slap a WTB ad in the Source sale section
I have the Galaxy Player 4.2 and am really pleased with it. Ticks all your boxes.
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