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Hey, I'll take that. As long as I have the product in my hands with the drive size upgrade perk that I paid for as well, I'll be a happy camper. Out of principle (read: stubbornness) though, I refuse to pay further to upgrade to the Pro X.
What I have isn't a complant, rather a concern. They haven't mentioned the Pro model update in months and months now... I'm concerned they've scrapped it altogether.
Oh hahaha I thought it was a new amp I hadn't heard of or something.
Only took a month lol
FWIW, I'm right there with you. Backed the Pro, went for the drive size upgrade... Disregarding each crushing email that doesn't speak to any of us Pro backers, I refuse to upgrade -or- get a refund. Not sure if it's principle, or spite. Either way, I'm going down with the ship.
And they should be, because I've been waiting over 7 weeks for mine now from Ali
My ol lady got me one for christmas... Ordered mid November, just in case. It's not looking good :'-(
Found this cheap little number today. Might have to buy one, for science.
Is it possible to merge this into the chinese DAP megapost? These are on gearbest now and I'm somewhat interested.
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