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I did love my C3... I sold mine to my brother. Probably buy another one in the future. The sound had a certain sparkle that I happen to miss. Sold it maybe 2 months before my Kogan arrived. Wish I'd had a chance to compare the two..... Time to hit the Source Gear For Sale page...
Gapless is fun, album art is fun... I just want tags read by the player. Maybe I'm asking too much for $30 :-/
This x 1000
Use THIS, my son.
Pretty sure this was on pg 1 or 2 of the obscure Chinese Days thread :) 
I would definitely be all
Seems like tetris would be possible, a low-graphic version... Given the button structure. Wonder if someone could find it.
The CTC Audio version that EmpJ sent my way has onboard memory, FM Radio and games :P Those improvements are fantastic enough ;) edit: Oh! And for those that can't purchase one, they're offering one FREE for a contest!
Have you considered just a cell phone in your pocket or desk streaming music to a bluetooth speaker of some sort?
Color me interested. I love a good-sounding cheap DAP Waiting for more sound impressions.
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