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FIVE MINUTES?!Nobody would ever think to hold a power button that long, jeez.
I'm well aware. This price is shipped from me in BC, Canada to anywhere in North America. If you can find a cheaper shipped brand new 8gb model, go for it.
I'm horrible at reviews and comparisons. They're very very similar.
If you're interested, I have both a Ritmix and a Kogan sitting in a drawer loose at my home. I would be happy to sell them, drop me a PM. They don't get used. I'd rather they go to a good home.
There are many budget daps that sound amazing, though. The X1 and X3 won't have the portability that you're looking for, but these will. May want to start here:...
Brand new (still shrink wrapped) Colorfly C3 DAP. If you hang out here, you know what this is and why you want it. I bought two, and am selling one. Read more here: http://www.head-fi.org/products/colorfly-c3 or http://www.head-fi.org/t/637417/colorfly-c3-discussion-thread Price includes shipping to US or CAN. Thanks for looking :)
It sounds decent, I've only paired it with monks... The ui is ridumentary, but that's to be expected for $30. As a walk around beat em up player, it's worth the money. Files are read like M3 or Colorfly C3 in that they show in the order they're copied on the drive. It doesn't read tags at all.
It may be a goose.
Deep Bass Boost.
New Monk? Aiiieeee need!!
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