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My son has undertaken to build Tom Christiansen's (Neurochrome), solid state Modulus86 amplifier and differential pre-amp.  He has completed most of the boards and has started the Douglas Self (Signal Transfer Company) balanced phono preamp and power supply.   In my DG300b setup I paired Self's preamp with a Rega RP3/Exact cart combo.   To my ears, it sounds sublime.    Since he's getting close I have started on the "enclosure", so-to-speak.   Grant hinted that he...
Thanks.The speakers are a Mass Loaded Transmission Line design from Bob Brines. The cabinets are solid 4/4 quilted maple.  I am delighted with how they sound.  It's magic where, to my ears, the base comes from.
she's a done.          
I completed building the Douglas Self RIAA differential phono preamp and power supply.  I also built a separate differential preamp for the DB300B.   Happy to report that everything tested well, so I purchased a Rega RP3  turntable with a Rega Exact MM cartridge.   I am delighted with the results.   All I have to do is put the preamp boards into the 300B.  The phono stuff will stay external in Hammond Cases.  At the same time I am building a table for everything.  The...
Dropping the price to $160
I have owned a Sonance multi-channel amp for almost ten years.  It distributes stereo to 6 rooms in my house  (12 speakers)   Model 1250 MkII   My in-wall speakers are Paradigm.   All you need is a small Schiit DAC for your iPod and you are good to go.
I have always used Multicore / Loc 0.5mm 5 core.    I get great results.  I learned to solder SMD using Dave Jones (EEVBLOG) 3 part tutorial. This is the solder Dave recommends.  SMD is not a problem.  I can't imagine that some exotic or solder with say Ag would make much sonic of a difference.   My son had limited soldering experience.  After watching the tutorial, he's building a dense SMD differential preamp.            
I asked for more information but they said they couldn't give it to me.
Hey DIY'ers   I am about to take a 2' x 4' sheet of 0.080"  6061-T6 aluminum in for water jet cutting and I have some spare room on the sheet. It doesn't cost any more to cut some shapes out of that space.   The machine will only cut down to 3mm.  It's not like a laser but it is very accurate.   If you need a plate or badge send me a PM.   Your only cost is postage.  Here's the layout so far.  
I don't think you have to worry.  I've had Schiit products for years and this is my first repair. Sometime you get a problem that is out of the ordinary.  Rather than just swap something they took the time to track it down and probably learned from it.  It's the weird ones you learn from.   I would not hesitate to purchase more Schiit products.  When my friend are looking for a DAC/HPA I direct them straight to Schiit.
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