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Festool Domino 500 arrived and the music room shelf is complete. Soon l will tackle the amp cabinet. I came up with a very unique design based on an iconic shape.  I hope I can pull it off.  It will be wild. The room will be painted a different color as well.    
Table Finished... Back to completing music room shelf.  Then I'll purchase a Festool DF500 Q Domino Joiner and tackle the audio cabinet.       
I hope Ya'll find these posts interesting / helpful.  I see that the read count keeps going up.....so I guess it's so.   Audio wise I just don't have much to add.  I love my DG 300B, my Gungnir, and I love my LCD2's. This will be static for a long time.  I don't have a burning desire to build other components.   As such the thread will stay quirky. Thanks for reading.   S
Of course... Prep: You want to sand the "core" surface so the glue has more surface area to adhere to. If the existing veneer is loose tack it down with Gorilla Glue. Bondo repairs as needed.  I didn't need Bondo and I didn't prime.  Sand the existing veneer or paint and clean the dust with air / rag / then lightly with a tack cloth.   Cutting the pieces: Cut the piece of veneer with an overhang no greater than 1/4".  Less is better.  This is because a 1/4" flush trim...
Thanks I sand the raw veneer with 320g.  Very lightly as the veneer is 1/32" thick.I applied Charles Neil's Pre-Color Conditioner.  Two coats following the directions.I shot a mixture of General Finishes Water Based Dye, orange and light brown.Shot the entire sub then lightly wiped down with a cloth rag. I used General Finishes Enduro water based Sanding Sealer and water based lacquer.I lightly sand between coats of SS with 320g. I use 600g for the top coats.If I want a...
Here's a great tip on staining wood and veneer.   Often species like cherry and maple will blotch the stain, masking the grain with nondescript patches.   The cherry veneer I used was very susceptible to blotching. Charles Neil's "Pre-Color Conditioner" is amazing at controlling this.  However, veneers being only 1/32 thick have an additional challenge as to not oversaturate the stain and put the dried conditioner back into solution.  If this happens and you are too...
One done.  One to go.    
Finished staining one and put 3 coats of sanding sealer on. Satin top coats and it's "finished" Hard to photograph in the garage.  The finish is even despite the glare.  
Twin subs ready for finishing.      
Second sub is prepped for veneer.  
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