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Hello,   Did anyone try to disassemble the K267? Or did anyone find spare parts somewhere?
Hello BlackoutHiFi, I am currently abroad and do not have access to the K267. I will be back in about a week and I think I have written down the serial numbers for all 3 pairs of headphones.
Hello, Here is a picture of the broken headphones.
Yes the pair that broke is from the "fixed" revision.  This probably explains why it broke in a different place. I am currently not at home and once get back I will share pictures. Just for the record I've used them 5-6 hours a week tops, for around 1 year and 2 months.  Also 2 pairs of the first revision broke before them.  Maybe it is flawed design or my head is too big, I do not know anymore.
Hello there, I just wanna let you know that my 3rd pair of K267 broke a week ago.  Again they broke on the same side, but this time it was not just above the hinge as before but it was in the beginning of the dotted plastic. I can provide pictures if someone is interested on 1st or 2nd January. I am pretty much done with these headphones.
Hello, I do not know if you have checked back in the thread but  I mentioned that I got my third pair of K267 from the new revision with better plastic and so far almost a year later with roughly 20-25 hours of usage per week sometimes more they are perfectly fine.  
Hi Blackout,   As far as I can tell there is nothing different visual between the new version and the older one.  The only guarantee that the pair I have is with the new plastic is what the official supplier has told me. You can always send the e-mail to the retailer/supplier and ask them.
Well so far so good, I have the new revision for a month and a half now and everything is fine.  There is no visual difference between the old and the new revision.  Give me another month or two and I will tell you how they are.  The first pair broke after 2 months of everyday use. The second pair broke after 4 months with usage between 3-4 hours a week. The third pair so far is being used for around 30-40 hours a week no signs of breakage so far.
There is new revision of the K267 with better plastic, I have returned two pairs and the 3rd one is with new plastic.  The information was provided to me from my local distributor for AKG.
I really hope this will work for you. I bought the K267 together with a friend of mine his are still OK no fractures or anything. I suppose the fact that I has a big head is creating more tension on that spot. I have contacted AKG and now I am expecting answer from them. I really hope for all aluminum construction.
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