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Ok, couldn't wait, just bought these. I'm wondering about these a lot. If I don't like it, I'll go back to Fidelio X2. 
Thanks, I hope we get some impressions soon. 
Hi everyone... Just joined the club. Bought from the local dealer. Had Meridian Prime in mind, but this is a much better value and also more powerful. 
I see... Some others prefer X2, some prefer HE-400 and 400i. I do hope Hifiman gets them on the market soon.
Same here... I'll either buy this or Fidelio X2 (again)... I hope we get some news soon.
Personally I don't like Schiit house sound. I liked Fidelio X2 with Meridian Explorer2 but I must say it sounded amazing with my friend's Burson Soloist SL. Maybe it's overkill but it was really good. Soloist SL is on my "may buy" list but I'm wondering if they'll add a dac into it and release that version in the future. I like dac/amps more than just amps.
Hmm, I usually like and agree with your comments, so probably not for me either (no way for me to audition these). I'll pass as well.
 Yes, Fidelio X2 is much better for gaming and movies compared to HD650. Soundstage is bigger and bass hits harder and lower. I think Fidelio X2 is one of the best HPs on the market for all-around purposes.
I prefer IEMs for music as well (on the go), but for portable gaming (PS Vita) and watching films while traveling, portable and foldable headphones like Solo 2 are better. I just can't enjoy games and films with IEMs. For home use, you just can't beat full size over-ear open-back headphones. That said I would never carry non-foldable headphones around, too much hassle.
There have been channel imbalance complaints. My first pair had channel imbalance whereas second pair didn't.
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