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AKG 7XX or Q701 are terible for electronic music.
Ok, suit yourself.
I think MQA mastered albums will be released in early 2015 but you need dacs than can decode MQA (such as Explorer2 or Prime) for that. HA-1 can't do that.
 I see. I'm not much of a dubstep fan either but some tracks are really good. I feel like Rocky Balboa when they play Fade by Zak Waters or Turn Around by Grabbitz at the gym.  I think synths sound beautiful with X2, I listen to trance often and I like it a lot. Man on the Run sounds great.
 Good choice. Right now I'm listening to Whiskey in the Jar by Metallica and guitar riffs sound so beautiful. Laptop soundcard made them sound a bit edgy, that's gone with Explorer2. Apodising filter works very well. It'd be also good for 25 ohm Fostex TH600/900 in case you need monster bass.
 Bass has more impact... It sounds stronger and more present. Kick drums especially.It's like Explorer2 has taken off a thin veil from the sound while also making it smoother and more musical. What's great though is stereo separation improved tremendously. I'm starting to believe channel imbalances some owners have experienced might be due to the amp/dac they use. It's known mobile phones', tablets' and laptops' stereo crosstalk is really high compared to dedicated...
 X2 does sound good from a computer or mobile phone, but it simply sounds better from Explorer2 because Meridian has really done something special here. Apodising filter is great, many harsh recordings now sound smoother and easier to listen to. But you gotta hear it to believe it. I haven't heard Denon DA-10.  I had Chord Hugo, and I prefer Explorer2's sound signature over that. Chord Hugo had lots of power and the best in class timing but lean, bright sound signature was...
MBP 2012 has high output impedance and sounds too warm to my ears. I just don't like it but yummy sound lovers might. I have not personally heard LH Geek Out but it probably sounds a bit "digital"? I know it has a Sabre dac inside, and Sabre dacs are known for dry and clinical sound signature (only can be remedied by a musical amp). I heard Resonessence Herus and didn't like it, for instance. Too digital and clinical sound. Explorer2 on the other hand, sounds more natural...
It depends. For me it is. Low output impedance and MQA support alone justify the premium. Plus there's new DSP tech from high-end Meridian gear. You might be surprised how HD700 sounds just from Explorer2's headphone jack. :) HD650 sounds quite impressive at 300 ohms.
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