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Not necessarily... But I like EDM and it's not fun with IE800. EDM may not be classical music, but it still sounds better with better gear, like Velvet or SE846. Just listen to "Dangerous" by David Guetta with a USD 100 IEM and then with Velvet. The difference in sound quality is staggering. Velvet sounds like a club with high-end sound system whereas USD100 IEMs usually sound like bass farting into your ears with non-existant mids (certainly crucial for Dangerous and many...
I bought it directly from Sennheiser and not online, from their headquarters in my country. It was authentic. IE800 is known for its lean, bright sound. It sounds very different to IE80, sounds more like HD800. I had it for a few months then sold them without much loss, don't know if I could have still returned them, didn't bother to find out. IE800 sound is anything but full and dynamic. Don't get it if you expect that sound. It sounds good with classical, jazz etc. but...
The thing with Velvet is, it has fantastic bass but that bass does in no way bleeds into mids. Mids and bass sound very coherent but at the same time very separate. The problem with dynamic IEMs, especially those that have thick sound signature, have bass/mid bleeding problem. Bass can often overshadow mids. Velvet has the famous Earsonics mids while still having amazing bass and treble. Lean and thin sounding dynamic IEMs have less bass/mid bleeding problem but then again...
Westones sound boring compared to Earsonics iems... Especially Velvet with its engaging, fun sound.
I don't have FX850 but Velvet is clearly superior to SM64 which is amazing for its price but not at the level of Velvet.  I had IE800 (a dynamic like FX 850) and Velvet is much much better than IE800. IE800 had a soulless, dry sound.
I haven't even personally seen a Black Velvet but Crystal Velvet has great build quality. The shell is very sturdy and solid. I had SM64 and compared to it, Crystal Velvet is much better in terms of premium feel and shell quality.
Got Earsonics Velvet and sold SM64. While SM64 is awesome, Velvet is even better. Clearer, more fun sounding, more detailed, just better all around. There are 3 modes but I'm using warm mode (more bass). Also Velvet is much easier to drive which is great since I don't like using portable amps. Still, I want to thank SM64 for getting me into the Earsonics fan club.
I'm not a pro photographer but nonetheless, these are my babes.  
Ok I saw it, bottom right dot is the warm mode. There are two extremely small dots which indicate the sound mode. I prefer the warm sound.   To not screw the screw, you have to turn the dial very carefully and gently. Nothing happened to mine.   The sound signature is like SM64 on steroids. Clearer, more refined, better bass, more fun.
To easily see which one is the right side and which one is the left. :)
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