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Anyone tried these with Chord Hugo?
I would assume you need something like Audiophilleo for it to work with hi-res. Audiophilleo does DSD and hi-res PCM. I haven't heard it but some of this stuff can be snake oil so I don't recommend buying without first trying.
 No, I haven't.
Hi guys, back in the Hugo club... The buyer changed his mind, the moron. In the meantime, I still couldn't audition Meridian Prime because the dealer in Turkey doesn't have it in stock yet. I might have to buy from Custom Cable, again...   Do you think Hugo pairs well with planars?
I wonder how it compares to HD650.
I don't like Apple products much but I applaud them for putting discrete audio dac chips in their phones as opposed to onboard chips in Android phones. I really dislike Android now due to its instability and will probably buy a Windows Phone but if the dac chip in 6/6+ is good, I might buy an iPhone instead.
 Thanks, every penny counts. If we were in a meet, I'd buy everyone a pint of lager. :) I'll still get a small headphone amp to use whilst on computer doing stuff but something with a smoother sound signature, maybe Meridian Prime.
So I sold my Chord Hugo today for USD 2000. I bought it for USD 1800 so it's a good deal. I prefer the smoother sound signature of Meridian 808.5 with speakers at home and carrying Hugo while on travel started to feel like chore so... Bye bye Hugo club.
 I see. So it wasn't that good. Is Herus good with all formats or just DSD?
So any other impressions?
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