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 I don't know about PS audio products. Hugo is lots better than many pricier products such as Resonessence Invicta DAC which use off-shelf chips. I think it's on par with any sub-10K dacs out there. But true high-end is obviously much better. I love my Meridian 808.5 more than anything else. Its natural sound is simply out of this world. Hugo's forward sounding nature stops it from being as good as 808.5. I'm actually thinking of trying Meridian Prime one day. In the end...
How does TH900-Hugo duo sound with EDM?
Or it was a failed sarcasm attempt.
It was a joke. I'm one of the first here who said Hugo sounded amazing but a bit forward for my tastes (you can See my posts in my profile). I use Hugo with headphones but I prefer Meridian 808.5 in my HiFi setup. I haven't ever heard any Ps audio product.That forward sound matches well with laid back headphones though.
He's in audiophile denial, the bigger the better mentality.
It seems X2 will be released soon. I might buy those.
 I've had the same experience with Senn HD 650s. The Wall just sounded amazing, much better than I've ever heard that song. 
HD650 bass sounds pretty amazing with all genres but I'll buy TH900s for EDM. I need more bass impact.
Chord Hugo is a great pairing with HD650s. Very musical and transparent. Clear highs, mids and strong hitting bass.  I recommend it to anyone with enough budget. I think this is the best I've heard HD650s.
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