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Yes... Turkey is not in the EU either but iPhones here are capped.
 It's not only about how loud it is. Well, that matters if the headphone is kind of hard to drive. What's more important is, the sound loses dynamics when the output is limited by software. Bass doesn't have as much impact, treble sounds less extended, texture becomes worse, the sound gets more congested... It's like driving a Ferrari at 50 km/h.
 You should wait for iPhone 6S. 6 is not that more powerful than 5S anyway. I bet Apple will increase ram to 2GB, add some kind of waterproof qualities, change the dac to a better one etc. in 6S. Personally I didn't enjoy 6's music quality much either. I mean it's good, but not better than an Android with a Snapdragon. I wonder how Exynos Note 4 will sound with its Wolfson dac. For now, I'll stick to my Sony Z1 Compact. Headphone used: Beyerdynamic MMX 102 IE
 Hell yes!!! Me too. I need my 70mm audiophile quality too much bass!
I'll definitely get these headphones. I love Sony, I'm sure these will be amazing. I was considering TH900 but I'll buy these instead.
So are there any full-size pads we can apply to these headphones?
There are 2 caps. First cap is something you can't turn off. It decreases the volume to 80% of US version. The second cap, if on, decreases the volume to 60%, if off it stays at 80% of US version.
 iPhone 6 has a good dac anyway, adding another dac to the chain is just snake oil... Unless you want to drive HD800 or something in which case you'd definitely need an amp. But nothing is needed for low impedance headphones, just iPhone.
 Yes, in the 6+ the soundstage is more open and the sound is more transparent. 6 on the other hand is warmer and the bass hits more strongly.                
I wish they implemented S-master chip in these phones but apparently that's not the case... Perhaps Z4 will have it.
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