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I had the 1st Momentum, didn't feel they scaled that much, speaking from memory. HE400S scale a lot, similar to high impedance dynamic headphones. HE400S is a planar so by nature it scales. Is there a planar that doesn't? (Perhaps PM-3 with its small driver for a planar).
As said before, driving loud doesn't mean driving well and proper. Meridian Explorer 2 can drive these really loud, but they really shine with iDSD Micro, not Explorer 2. The general sound quality, treble extension and low end suffer from phones or portable amps. Momentum and Fidelio X2 for that matter are much less sensitive to source/amp so their sound don't really improve with better source/amp.
 Both devices can drive HE400S to loud volume if they have enough power. That doesn't mean they can drive it well, most definitely they won't. I've used HE400S with both Meridian Explorer 2 and iFi iDSD Micro. With Fidelio X2, there is no difference between these amps, the sound is the same. There's a significant difference with HE400S, however. Explorer 2 can drive HE400S to loud volumes but with iDSD Micro, everything sounds better and more natural. The bass sounds much...
Punchiness is great... Drum kicks sound absolutely beautiful. That said, it's more like Velvet on balanced mode in terms on quantity. The quality is great though, it can go very low and has very good texture. Velvet is on a higher level in terms of SQ, as it should be when the price difference is taken into account. That said, HE400S is a very good all-rounder with a similar sound signature. It needs some type of amping though, your phone alone won't drive it well.
Have you actully heard it? They sound nothing like the K550.
Most, but not all... There are phones with discrete DAC chips that also have Qualcomm SoCs such as Alcatel Idol 3 and the upcoming Marshall London.
I'm using Velvet on warm mode these days... I really enjoy the extra bass.     If you want a full size headphone with a similar character to Velvet and at an affordable price, HE400S is a very very good planar magnetic headphone. It's got a character very similar to Velvet on balanced mode.
 Not sure mate, never heard a Magni 2.
 I had a chance to listen HE400i only briefly at a meet so cannot comment on it really. From memory though, HE400S' sound signature suits my tastes better. HE400S has less mid-bass than X2 but more sub-bass extension. They're both on the warm side of neutral but HE400S sounds more balanced in my opinion because it doesn't have X2's mid-bass bump. X2 soundstage is wider, but HE400S has a more realistic soundstage with better imaging. Both are good headphones, but I prefer...
Diana... Soon with Royal Family vs. Dodi Fayed version!
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