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So great for EDM? How is sub-bass?
I'm using Apple Music now exclusively... Sounds as good as flac.
Thanks, I listen to all kinds of EDM as it's a very broad term. I'm between T5P 2nd gen and the upcoming TH-610. I wish someone measured T5P 2nd gen already.
Are there any measurements of this headphone?..
Well, sex sells.
How do you think this track sounds? Does it want to make you dance?   I think it'll be very popular in clubs this summer. 
Sadly no as I don't live in America, maybe you should ask in the HD800 S thread?.. There are many Americans who bought it in that thread. I would prefer the new HD 800S because it's very neutral and has good bass compared to the regular HD800 which has a 6khz peak. That peak is too much for me but it gives a sharpening effect to the sound, you may even like it. Out of all the headphones you've mentioned, I would prefer the new HD800 S. If I had to choose between T1 1st gen...
How is the bass? I remember you like EDM like I do.
 Well, I would buy the newer HD800 S myself, only because I prefer flat treble. Regular HD800 (not the S model) and T1 are both bright. I think technically HD800 is superior, T1 has more bass. You should audition them. Sadly I don't know much about receivers. That said, if the receiver's dac has line-out, you should be able to connect it. You should check the manual, I think.
If you can return them, you could get HD800 or Fostex TH900 which are both TOTL bright headphones. I think you'd like them more. You can get them for the same price, even lower. T1 1st gen is bright. T1 2nd gen is said to be warmer. You'd probably like T1 1st gen more, but I think T90 has more treble than 1st gen as well.
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