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Try JVC Spiral Dots.
 It's like this. I hardly listen to classical music with headphones or speakers... I like classical music, but that's it. I listen to EDM more often. However, when it comes to live performances, classical music is something else. If the venue is good as well (think Wien Staatsoper) the music touches your soul and time flies by. My most expensive headphones were Noble K10s and they did sound damn great but no, nowhere close to a live performance of classical music.  As far...
SM64 is warm and forgiving with a major 5khz dip like Audioquest Nighthawk. S-EM9 is analytical and bright sounding (though not harsh). Velvet is like a mix of these two with thunderous bass. Totally different sound signatures. I'm just wondering if S-EM6 V2 could be the SM64 upgrade we've been waiting for? Musical, natural sound but with better detail retrieval and treble extension this time. ES3 was certainly a disappointment to me even though I think it has many good...
Certainly very interesting... I was considering Velvet V2 but the fit of S-EM6 V2 would certainly be better to me.   Any impressions on V2?
Thanks so much... You should write a review. 
Would you say V2 sounds more forgiving and natural than V1? V1 tended to sound a bit digital sometimes compared to something like K10 or SM64, more BA-ish.
Katana is warmer than K10UA? Interesting. It must have less bass nonetheless. 
Can anyone make a comparison between this and K10U and PP8?.. I had K10U but sold it because Encore was being released but now I regret it because Encore is said to be too analytical and bright. I liked K10U signature a lot even though it lacked some energy. I want a smooth, coherent sound with good bass punch and slam and sub-bass presence with smooth yet energetic highs and present low and mid mids. Upper mids shouldn't be forward.
Thanks for your impressions. I mostly used V1 on balanced setting but warm setting might be the better option for V2 based on your impressions. When you mean more prominent mids, do you mean lower-mid mids or upper mids? I like lower-mid mids but prominent upper mids can be too fatiguing to me.
Anyone tried V2?
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