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I wonder if using RCA out of Hugo is any different than using 3.5mm whilst connecting to active speakers? As I recall, Rob Watts said that part of Hugo is one piece so there's no added amp or anything, so there shouldn't be any difference, right?
It seems Sennheiser applied the technology from RCS 800 cable for IE800 to Momentum in-ear. That means there will be volume up/down buttons for Android phones. Very few manufacturers bother to make volume up/down for Android phones so I appreciate what Sennheiser is doing. I'll buy both Momentum in ear and CX.5.
T90 sounds shrill and thin. I really dislike Beyer's Tesla line. T51p is good but it sounds different to full size Tesla headphones, more urban.
I get no hiss whatsoever with either Sennheiser IE800 or Beyerdynamic MMX 102 IE iems. Are you sure the hiss is not caused by your PC? Low quality usb components might cause hiss, I think.
I don't get hiss with Senn IE800 or Beyerdynamic MMX 102 IE.
I don't know as I haven't tried HD700. HD700 is supposed to technically better considering its price tag but both headphones' drivers are 40mm so I guess a comparison is fair. If HD700 has a treble peak as many people say, I'd prefer L2. I can't stand harsh treble at all. I hate it. I have a feeling that upcoming X2 will be making a lot of flagships uncomfortable with its  technicality, sound and affordable price. If L2 is that good with 40mm driver, I wonder how X2 will...
Listening to Eric Johnson's Europe Live tour album, crossfeed makes a lot of positive difference. I prefer crossfeed with live recorded music.
 No one except the British like pound, believe me. :) I like Euro myself. Britain is so expensive. I wonder if Scotland will vote yes or no to independence... I hope they say no.
 Comparing them with live music, I would say HD650 is better in terms of timbre accuracy. Not a huge difference, but it is more lifelike. That said, HD650 is better in this area than much pricier headphones. In terms of clarity, bass and treble extension, detail retrieval and fun factor, L2 is better. Compared to laid-back HD650, L2 is more aggressive and exciting but not overly so.
 I was eyeing this one actually. :) I wonder if it's better compared to a regular cable.
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