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I think your son somehow messed up the drivers which resulted in a better sound.
 Indeed. Wolfson dac must be in all Samsung models I think, Snapdragon codec can't quite match the quality. It's really stupid of them to make different versions, then again, European iPhone 6 sounds worse than American iPhone 6 due to volume caps. As far as I know, USA mostly get Samsung with Snapdragon SoCs. The last Galaxy with a Wolfson dac in the US was Note II if I'm not mistaken. In most of Europe, my country included, we get Samsung phones with Exynos SoCs and...
 Yes, I know a Wolfson when I hear one. :) Anyway, you can see here. Only Exynos chipsets have it though, Snapdragon has its own audio codec so there isn't a Wolfson codec in phones with Snapdragon.
I tried the new Galaxy Alpha phone the other day, which has a Wolfson dac, and to me it sounded better than iPhone 6 and 6+. Smoother and more musical but maybe a tad less detailed. I prefer a smooth sound signature. That said, I hate Samsung's software so I'd never buy a Samsung phone, no matter how good it sounds. Touchwiz UI is horrible.
Sorry, I should have said K4XX series. K450, 451 and 452 in particular. On-ear portables. I tried Y50 too and it was impressive but too big for me to be really portable. Y40 is really mini, very portable. :)
I don't know if you guys are interested in 40mm on-ears, but AKG Y40 which I bought to use with my Xperia Z1 Compact has great bass. Sounds better than Beats Solo 2 too.
I bought Y40 today. The controls work with my Sony Xperia Z1 Compact. Volume up/down etc. everything works. It's awesome because there aren't many Android headphones with 3 buttons. They're small and look great whilst also sounding great. Much better sound than the muddy sounding K series. I think it's as good as urbanite for half the price and looks much better. Money well spent.
I bought AKG Y40 on ear headphones today. I must say they're really good, I paid 80 Euros for them. Very portable and great sound. They sound as good as Urbanite for half the price. And they look much better than Urbanite headphones, they won Red Dot 2014 design award. What's great is volume up/down buttons work with the Xperia Z1 Compact. Most headphones offer one button mics for Android headphones whilst offering volume up/down button for iDevices. I appreciate AKG...
Have you tried Poweramp? In my opinion, it offers better than sound than the Walkman app. The sound is louder and more dynamic. 
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