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You are. How could you not even once listen to Heart of Gold as an audiophile? Blasphemy!..
How would this pair with Earsonics SM64?   Sensibilité: 122 dB/mW Réponse en fréquences: 10 Hz -20 kHz DCR: 98 ohms Driver: 3 drivers, filtre HQ 3 voies.
^^ I have a similar question. I'm thinking of getting the upcoming Galaxy S6 which will have a Wolfson dac. I wonder it will be good enough to drive SM64. I'm currently driving them with iPhone 6 (European version) and Sony Xperia Z1 Compact and neither is as good as Meridian Explorer2 that I use at home with my laptop.    Do you recommend an amp or DAP?
Will you possibly make this case for the upcoming Galaxy S6?
So how do you think American/Asian iPhone 6 compares to Ibasso DX90, Fiio X5 etc? I've only heard the European iPhone 6, and it sounds disappointing compared to European Note 4 (Wolfson dac).
 Philips Fidelio X2.
Anyone compared American iPhone 6 to DAPs like Ibasso DX90? Only stupid capped European iPhone 6 is sold here.
Guys, this IEM is addicting. I find myself using it more than my over-ear headphones. I was considering buying an on-ear portable but I'm cancelling that plan. SM64 is more than enough for all occassions.   I never really truly liked an IEM before. I even had expensive ones (Senn IE800) but all of them left me unsatisfied. I thought maybe IEMs weren't for me. But I was wrong. Earsonics makes amazing IEMs. I'm rediscovering my whole music collection.
On of the best posts in the thread. As you said, the real world isn't flat. Head-Fi members are usually obsessed with flatness and prefer a dry, analytical sound due to this (such as Hifiman HE 560). Real, live music doesn't sound that way though. Yes, in studios monitors are flat but this is because mastering engineers have to make the music sound good on thousands of different speakers, headphones, amps etc... This is why they have to work with flat sounding monitors. If...
I've also had lots of Hifi gear. Sound depends on the house sound and speakers mostly. Amps affect the sound to a degree. If you're used to Monitor Audio speakers which are bright, Sennheiser HD 650 is going to sound dark to you. If you're used to Dali and KEF which are more neutral, Beyerdynamic T90 is going to sound extremely bright to you. It's all relative to what you're used to. I find balanced, neutral sound with good bass more like real music (you can feel the bass,...
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