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 I have not upgraded yet but I'm going to. The IEM I have, Earsonics Velvet, has amazing sound quality and superb mids, also very refined treble. It just kind of spoilt Fidelio X2 for me. After hearing Velvet's mids, X2's mids sounded kind of hollow and this made me turn up the volume more than usual which resulted in uncomfortable volume levels. HD650 or Oppo's PM line etc. are not the answer as they have good mids but veiled treble and disappointing bass. I'm waiting for...
So I sold my Fidelio X2... Goodbye guys.
 That would be the only thing stopping me from getting the next iPhone.
I'm really interested in this headphone. I don't like huge amps that take lots of space so I prefer easy to drive headphones. If I can get lush HD650 sound with better bass and faster sound, I'll get this. That said, non-removable cable is disappointing.
Well, it IS a desert. Haven't you seen Mad Max: Fury Road? Australia is mental.
iPhone 6 --> Velvet. Honestly I can't be bothered to carry DAPs or portable amps around. I use Meridian Explorer2 at home.
Umm ok, I might still buy if it's really good. Thanks for the answer.
I love my Earsonics Velvet but if T20 is as good as they say, I might buy the iPhone version as a 2nd pair of IEM. There will be a T20i (T20 iPhone), right?
So Sennheiser has lost its mojo? HD700 is disappointing. Fidelio X2 is better at a much cheaper price. This looks like another failure from Sennheiser based on the impressions of people who auditioned it.
 I think the AKG is much pricier.
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