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 I'm waiting for the new Meridian Explorer 2, I recommend you do the same. :) X2 is easy to drive, so you don't need separate amp and dac. The first Explorer sounded great, and it seems they improved it in many ways, the Explorer 2 should be great.
I'll definitely buy Explorer2... I sold the first one and miss it so much. To me it sounded better than Chord Hugo, the smoothness, the lushness.. It was a beautiful sound. I hope the output impedance is 2 ohm or lower.   Edit: Apparently it's 0.47 ohm which is much better. Great news.
 You know, Chord Hugo was too bright sounding for me. I sold it despite its rare musical qualities like the most correct timing I've ever heard. Rob Watts tuned the dac for himself. I guess he's about 60. What's too bright and harsh to me is probably musical to him. I couldn't stand Beyerdynamic T1 and HD800 with Hugo, but HD650 was a lot better. So yeah, older people indeed need brighter equipment to hear the higher frequencies. At 28 and with sensitive ears, I just don't...
I've owned the L2 for a few months, great HP. I've ordered X2 from Amazon Italy and it'll arrive in 2-3 days. I'll make a comparison and probably sell the inferior one.
I thought the CS4398 dac in E5 is superior to the Burr Brown in iDSD Nano?
I'll do that when it arrives which should be in a few days (I bought from Amazon Italy as it's really cheap there). I'll be doing a listening test between the two and post my results. I don't believe in burn-in so no need to wait for it.
I recommend you try Philips Fidelio X2. I was thinking about buying an expensive amp (Senn HDVD800) to make HD650 reach their full potential, however after hearing Fidelio X2 yesterday out of an iPad's headphone jack, my thoughts changed. X2 is amazing for the price, and sounds better than HD650 in my opinion. Plus I don't need an amp so it's a win-win situation. I've ordered mine and it'll probably arrive in 2-3 days. 
Well, most times you pay a premium for the brand name. If Sennheiser released HD 750 as a successor for HD 650 with exactly the same sound as X2, this page would now be well over 1000 pages with a lot of hype. And yes, you'd pay three times the price of X2. I've just ordered my X2 before hearing it yesterday, it's very good indeed. Much better than you'd think. I can't stand the lean and bright sound of many new brands (such as Hifiman) and I prefer a European sound...
 You must be kidding. I would agree Apple is better for music production, but that's only because Mac OS X supports native high res audio whereas Windows doesn't. That said, there's a lot of demand for native (driverless) high res audio in Windows 10, so there will be no difference by then. In other areas of work, Windows and even Linux are far better. Windows is used in workstation computers. Linux mostly in managing servers. It's because Windows is a lot more flexible so...
Thanks, I'll try it if I get the chance.
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