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How is the bass, for EDM?
It is very good with HD 650s, probably the same applies to HD 598
Thanks for your opinions. I don't need such high-end cans for portability as I don't care about portable audio much. Beyer T51ps should be enough for me. I'll go for Fostex.
AKG Q701s have no bass whatsoever. HD650s are much better.
@cb3723 Hey, which is the best for EDM? Sig DJ, Sig Pro or TH900? In TH900 forum, they say TH900 is the EDM king. I have HD650s which have pretty good bass, but I really want to hear that sub-bass (without losing tightness and quality) in EDM songs without doing any EQ'ing. So I've been considering TH900s but Sig series seem interesting too.   Also, add TH600 into the mix (it seems you have them too). Sig DJ, Sig Pro, TH900, TH600? Which is the best reference level...
Hey I live there too. What shop is that?
I wish they made full size Momentums. I had these but sold them because I had used them only at home and earcups felt a bit small for home use.
Hey I'm also going to buy TH900 soon. I know you from HD650 thread, please compare them to TH900 once they arrive. I'm going to buy them because they seem to be the only reference headphones with a fun sound signature and great EDM performance.
You mean Audi? Well I've never even been in a Lamborghini but I like the Harman Kardon audio system in my modest BMW 3 series.
I mean it sure has a superb audio system. Just turn the volume up to 11.
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