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I brought the SR-80e to work today to listen to music off of my iPod and RSA Hornet.  Normally, I use a pair of Etymotics, but I needed a break from IEMs and wanted a different sound signature (the Etys are good, but it was time to change things up).   These headphones are really good - considering they are "only" $100.  My other full-sized headphones cost a bit more than $100, and from a sound standpoint, the Grados pretty much hold their own.  They are definitely...
Just received my SR-80e from UPS.   I'm listening to them with my Headroom MicroStack (circa 2006'ish).  I haven't really compared them to any of my other headphones yet, but my first impressions are positive.   I do have a question for those of you that owned older versions (SR-80, SR-80i):  Does the SR-80e have "more" bass than the older models?  I have never had a chance to listen to any of the older models.  One complaint I read often was a lack of bass.  My first...
I bought the newly re-mastered versions of Led Zeppelin's first 3 albums.  Oh, and I bought them on CD.
True.  That's the practical thing to do, and it would be nice to get my money back.  I also have some friends that are Deep Purple fans - this would make a nice Christmas gift. Nice to have lots of options. But... more importantly, I hope the set sounds great!  I'm really looking forward to getting it on Thursday and taking the discs for a spin.  Steve Hoffman mastering, so I have great expectations.
For some reason, I ordered DEEP PURPLE The Audio Fidelity Collection 1970-1973 twice from amazon.com.   I'll probably pack the extra copy away safely.  Once the collection is decommissioned by Audio Fidelity, maybe I'll sell it on Ebay...
"School's Out" - Alice Cooper
Their debut album is the cream of the cream.  Heartbeat City comes close, though.  The other albums have good songs, but some songs could be considered "filler."  
The Cars - The Cars - "Good Times Roll," "My Best Friend's Girl," "Just What I Needed," "Don't Cha Stop," "You're All I've Got Tonight"   Def Leppard - Pyromania - "Rock Rock ('Til You Drop)," "Photograph," "Stagefright," "Too Late For Love," "Foolin'," "Rock of Ages"   Elvis Costello - This Year's Model - EVERY SONG KICKS BUTT   Megadeth - Rust In Peace - "Holy Wars...The Punishment Due," "Hangar 18," "Take No Prisoners," "Lucretia," "Tornado of Souls" [my...
Just rediscovered The Cars after not spending any time listening to them in over 20 years. What's your favorite song by The Cars?   I'm torn between the playful "Shake It Up" and the direct honesty of "Just What I Needed."
There's that Yoko rearing her head again!  [the obligatory Yoko slam]   Thanks for the info.
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