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What are the genres that the sr80i suited the most??
So it don't work so good?or is it just what a normal listener will need?
Does the DT1350 requires an amp?because my devices are only smartphone and my computer.
Thanks a lot for your important information!
And another question is Are they these having many problems(I mean is there always problems with these headphones that need to send them to claim warranty)? I really want to buy it but I'm afraid to mail them to claim warranty,that's where I am worrying,what if anything happen during the postage.
Finally made this clear.The seller told me that " actually for they are all the same, made in Germany. The difference is that every country has their authorised dealer who handle the warranty.  China set means that it's from China authorised dealer. German set means that from German authorised dealer. "
Thank you, I will make this clear. Have a nice day!
Hi there, I'm from Malaysia,some where in south east asia. I read many good reviews of this headphone online and really want to buy it,but there are some questions in my mind that i can't just leave it and buy it without doing proper research.Hope that all of you the beyer fans can help me out. Just wanna know that are they all made in Germany? (cuz many headphones are made in china,and i wanna confirm this) Are they only one version on the market? (becuz I've heard some...
Thanks dude. You gave me very much information,I really appreciate it.
Alright, I finally get it. Thanks allot for helping me clear this out.
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