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Posts by Wokei getting ticket to the Manny vs Mayweather fight ...btw love the gold G
In honour of dreaded Monday ....woot woot Done ..hope this play
@acain.....ooops.....double post syndrome
It's 10.52 pm Sunday....woot woot
Good morning @acain and @hakushondaimao.....glad both of you are okay ...LOL  
 What did you do next or say ? ....LOL
 + Yes ...Havi is excellent if you enjoy awesome soundstage 3D like ..cheers
 Something posted way back in the Chinese thread ...just find it funny and got me recognised ..haha  Public Service Announcement - Not me ....he look way better then me !   Mucho gracias for liking me humor . Anybody here has tattoos ? Me have them 
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