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If any you have comply foam T-130 made for Phonak Audeo ..pls try them on! Have the B100 and with them....its simply awesome ...timbre of bass is sublime and really bring out the texture....detail and clarity also seem more focused imho. Can't wait to try the rest of B series...woot woot
 http://www.dutyfreeislandshop.com/citizen-bn0177-05e-promaster-eco-drive-professional-300m-diver-dlc-green-hands-mens-watch  It's not automatic though but Ecodrive
Brainwavz Krudul Duo review is up ...thank you for reading http://www.head-fi.org/products/brainwavz-krudul-duo-earphone-storage-management-system-hanger/reviews/17061
1)Head-Fi user name - Wokei   2)Location(city, country) - Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia   3)Headphone(s)you have - Ausdom ANC7 AKG K702 Soundmagic P30   4) Have you already got Mixcder ShareMe7 or ShareMe Pro -  No    5)Links to review(S)you have posted (if any)no matter it is on head-fi or some others -    http://www.head-fi.org/users/362473/reviews   6)Leave an honest review on amazon store -  I would be happy to.   7)Do you connected with any forum or blog...
 Grandmaster " G" .....always look forward to your G-Shock collection but tbh nowadays more looking forward to your food ..kekekeee 
                                    Me went over board today and play dress me up with a watch I truly enjoy very much especially - gifted from brother with different mother who called this brother of mine  '' handsome man '' - woot woot ...my Timex is ready for all occasion and colour theme  
Is that Seiko Stargate? Very nice
 Oh brother me brother Pod ..me see Tissot Le Locle there in your collection ..Swiss made ...mine are all Japanese 
My camo range ..3 Seiko and 1 Orient
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