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My X3 also does not have EQ .....tooLong time no see Peter ya
Thanks amigomatt ...excellent music and frickin funky ...good music to wind down after a long day.Cheers.
+1I don't think it is proper or nice ...calling someone opinion a joke. the first place got it for free and if you don't like it doesn't mean others feel the same about it ....I have the Deltas too...imho its okay for the price its going for coupled with its good build quality ...the sound might not suit everybody but different ears different perspective different preferred sound signature....and that is no joke. ..that's the truth.
 Actually am loving my Moxpad as compared to A1 as it is currently my most used IEM for the past one month. More versatile &  EQ works better with Moxpad but A1 lack the clarity and EQ them just distort the sound with that powerful bass it possessed. Just how good Havi and Piston 2.0 ....the hype is just too much and it seems I went overboard with China Made IEM ..actually all in all its 11 IEM. These are some of the KZ models that I will be getting ...  bhazard .... you...
I was expecting similar response like from Peter ...shame on you ...weakling but congrats. ....reverse psychology. ..mmmmm.Three scenario ...the way I see it1) no buying until March....which is a plus2) if he did not buy it for me or forgot about it -then its a bonus but then I was pestering him for about a week to buy it for me with booze and good food3) bought all on my list ....which also is plus but will feel guilty in a good way thoughAll the above scenario actually...
You should have gotten JBM MJ1000 as they are quite similar to KZ A1
@ peter123 and kahaluuConfession time ...just ask my friend in China to get Havi B3 , Piston 2.0 and about 8 model of KZ iem for less than USD150 me will is broken to pieces and resistance is futile ...just did not want to miss the opportunity of getting cheap gear fingers crossed and by March when he is back ...hopefully by then I will be proud to say I am recovering IEM for now I'll just be lurking around ...kekeeeeeee
IMHO..... Did paired them together and it does nothing for me... Except the bass was just too over..... X3 on its own has better control over sound where you can + or - the treble or bass and high or low gain but with them paired... Its just so not fluid if u can understand.. Cuz me no good in audiophile term.
The excitement must have got to me... about B3... Trying to figure out why the longer wait for it.....upon rereading... Duh X3 and not B3.... Anyway I have Fiio X3.... I'm sure you will love it because my first amp is also Fiio E11.... Which I believe you do rave about them in your posting.
Will be getting Havi B3 and Gold Piston once I gather enuf fund....always like yr impressions and take on iem and hoping to validate all the hype about these two sexiies once last time before I go bonkers...... Hahaaaaa
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