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@hakushondaimao...Canada? Gotta ask Hyuna what she think of it?
 Just joking buddy
Good to see Havi getting still getting LOVE ........FTW  
 Transfering music is not a problem if using my office mate old pc .....maybe 770c just dont like new PC ..haha Cheers mate ..for the price of this DAP ....its really good on the sound front .....for the UI ..once you get used to it ...its a breeze unless one is so used to fruity device ..lol Me niece is using now me X5 ....lol
My old headphone pouch fit the 770c perfectly
Finally managed to upgrade to the latest fw using one of my office mate PC running on XP ....disappointed with the fw upgrade ...nothing is change except all the menu is bundled into one page ....   Reverted back to the original fw ...imho better interface ....so my niece is considering whether to exchange with my Fiio dap ...   But damm this dap really sound goooooooooddddd....lol    Edited ...yes ..it comes with leather pouch 
Oh...one more to add to the listOpen back headphone are allowed in the household....any complaint or even a word of complaint from the other half will be dealt with....man need to be liberated from this ...TCB
Enjoy guys...President going to sleep but this song is so suitable for tonight ...muahahahaha
That's it...nomination closed!WORLD DOMINATION AGENDA- free coffee fór kids- government to supply free audio gears- music as means to unite the world- Hyuna concert all over the world- the rest....fill in the blanks
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