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  Me humble Citizen Orca ..wub wub 
 Damm ..should have got it when they first came out ...my regular crack G- Shock shop was offering me for USD400 ..could have made some money out of it ..muahahahaaaaaaaaaaa For those interested in what the ballyhoo we are talking about ..in its full glory ---the G-Man Toy 
@moedawg140     Happy B'day Grand Master Moe G - Lord of Lords of G Shock ...Viva    Btw ..the cake is equal to task on your splendid Rainbow Special Edition --- where is the G-Man Toy with the watch ..lol
 Bought one of those gold battery u posted for one of my stupid Nokia phone and the battery life is even worse than the standard Nokia battery ..so word of caution and best of luck @alanchanxd  
  Time to post me old watch -- Alba Automatic Manta Ray Diver    @moedawg140 --- time will tell and winter shall pass ..lol
 Xduuo X3 - another solid performer and with RB (pitch problem solved and RB features compared to basic UI and buttons in X3 is a bonus to use compared to 770c tactile touch screen ) - instant start up which is awesome thanks to Vortex. Sound sig is different compared to 770c  From me old memory ....imho 770c has better extension in term of clarity and details while sounding more thin in term of music personally while X3 sound is thick while not sacrificing clarity and non...
@alanchanxd ...personally me can live with archaic stock UI ...price paid for 770c ,,,,me expectation of it is grounded but the unexpected screeching buzz ....makes me feel like a death row prisoner waiting for the electric chairs ....quite a few time fell asleep while listening and scare the sh*t out of me ..holy horror cowabunga ! Infact used up my credit with friends with old Window PC ...tried for one months and even @jdog - the Protector of Xuelin was roped in but to...
A G-Shock equal to the name of the owner... King of G-Shock for the Master G ...Lord of Realms of G-Shock
Me just wanna say ...770c was one of my fav dap in term sound signature but the screeching buzz while playing flac file feels like Victor Frankenstein feeding electricity to his monster creation and the side effect did me head in... Coupled with nonchalant attitude of Xuelin to remedy this via fw despite persistent plea from users and also not able to rockbox it finally put a nail in the coffin... Had to sell it off... But bearing all that...sound signature was sublimely...
@FiiO ....copied from one of the review of Fiio M3 - any fw update to rectify this ?   One thing I did found a bit annoying, while in the main Playback screen and if you want to get back to the list of songs in the currently playing directory (or album directory), you have to press Menu button and it takes you all the way back to the sorting screen where you have to start all over again from a Folder view to get back to the directory where you were just in.  I hope FiiO...
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