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Imho ..they are no fake KZ as yet ...the link me sent to you via pm ...reliable and fast shipping all mean if you can find cheaper seller for me ...i rather stick with a reliable seller which I have bought many time even though they might be slightly expensive...
Not owning Havi B3 makes me feel so
NX1 crew reporting for duty ..still no Havi B3 ..still standing strong in resistance
Me have too many commitment ...talking about YouTube a song me like very much current wake up song every morning recommended by me good friend @Charliemotta
Me be too buzi to fly to Norway after USA cuz me have some modelling shoot for me new line of bra n panty ....sorry Peter123 ...Come on Shawn71 ..dont burst me bubble ...we friend right ? ...Lol ...u guys juz wont let me go easy trying me best to be prim n proper
Wow ..that was fast ...u sure dont waste time ...lolSure man willing to help anytime .....anytime
Me 1st and 2nd attempt on smaller item was not so good ...kekekeee....but after that ...should be quite easily done ...before that me check out some YouTube videos for pointers strongly recommend ...also peeling off the sticker is easy and not leave any sticky or gooey residue on the surface ...Yes ...definitely look sexceee and most of all protect the surface from scratches in case one wants to sell it next project will be gold brushed carbon vinyl ....just...
Thank you for the compliments ....yes buffer n only opamps to fiddle with ...chips included are BB2134 n 2604 , JR4556 and NE5532P find the best sounding so far is BB2604 while the other BB chip is faulty and the eBay seller will send a replacement chip to me .
Yes likey ..key words are "Full Size " " "Open" and " Natural" ...u get me too ..haha lol .Back to real head fi stuff ...anyone looking for portable amp ...try this out have this and here are some pics .. are some pics for size comparison with another amp Topping NX1 me have ...check out the Topping NX1 thread for me mini review on both this amp on page 30 ...they do...
Very appropriate like b**by wearing headphone ..tight n snug ! LolOk me stop ..before me get banned ....or annoyed others
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