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Hi,    I was wondering if you audiophiles could help me out by telling me what kind of headphones that I can get in:   <$300 price range portable / foldable - so not something like DT770 possibly inline controls/mic not discontinued over the ear closed back   I have the M50x and the M100 in mind at the moment..I currently have the HA-S500 but some say it's better than the M50
The XBA-C10 sounds pretty good, however someone mentioned a little lack of bass which isn't good for EDM. When compared to the Brainwwvz M4/5, it simply mentioned there were no controls, but there is a version with controls out now.
Unfortunately, that can't be shipped to me..
Anyone else have any suggestions?
Where can I get the hookups for that
I will most likely use them on the go as I use my crappy EarPods on the go too..
Unfortunately, I just checked and it cannot be shipped to my location.. I can only purchase the A151, but that doesn't have inline controls..
So I'm wondering on what IEM to get that is strictly under $70 + shipped on Amazon.. I mostly listen to EDM w/ vocals & some without, and some mainstream music..I prefer my music to have more treble, highs, be brighter, and some more bass but not bloated. Clarity is a must. Currently I have these IEMS in mind: Brainwavz M5 Brainwavz M4 Audio-Technica CKM500i VSonic GR02 Bass Edition MEElectronics M6 MEElectronics A151P
Thanks! How about the ANC23 or GR02 BE or A151P?
How do these compare to the S500's? :D
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