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Ugh, nothing for May
I hope so (as I hope it will be a better product than competitors... not only on paper...)
We want tre Pro!!! 
SPL Phonitor 2:Headphone OutputFrequency Range: 10 Hz to ›480 kHz ( -3 dB)
 A "pro" line in black?  
Isn't enough: he has to close iTunes, change the sample rate in MIDI setup, reopen iTunes.This every time you want to play a song with a different sample rate different from the previous...Nowadays no one uses iTunes because the above procedure is absurd
MCH if you buy 3 iDSD Pro (like Mytek)
Has the iDSD Pro DSD512 and 768KHz PCM, or not?
Have you "copied" the Mytek? 
512 Octa adopter for the mini (or what will be the correct name....)?
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