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iDSD Pro price (in Euro...)? 
Nowadays there is nothing and we have nothing: from 1/26/14 (1st post of the thread) we have read a lot of dates...
This is the only real fact...
Now it exists:https://shop.alldaq.com/Schnittstellen/USB-Isolatoren/ALLDAQ-ADQ-USB-2-0-ISO::130363.html?MODsid=gbtdj5hmlo5gr2oo37fpa4d303
TNX, I need balanced in/out... 
Is it an insane idea to use the Pro iCAN as preamp with active monitors (no mono, no phase button, no balance control...)?
I hope we'll have an "early adopter pack" 
Can we buy the iDSD Pro this year?
1/26/14 THREAD STARTER Only three years... I have gained weight  
With MacOS the T+A is limited to DSD128...
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