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I use HQPlayer and I send, to DA8, all PCM files in DSD128
What kind of adapter?
Mini is a desktop DAC with balanced output. (I own a Mytek and a Yulong)
If Mini will have the same specs of the Micro it could be better than Mytek...
Vox, Audirvana Plus, Pure Music, etc... and HQPLayer If you want "convert on the fly" all your music to DSD (I'm doing this with Mytek and Yulong, waiting to decide whether to buy the Micro...). 
The Mytek is analytical, the Yulong rounder. After months these days I returned to Mytek and I am enjoying it again...Is the Micro transparent or forgiving?
What is the difference/problem for "return it"?
What is "the regular version"? tnx
Is this a fake? (I'm asking, I don't know...) 
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