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This is the headphone amp, if I remember correctly they wrote that they would not put the feature into the DAC (iDSD Pro, we are waiting for...)
Months ago they said 1500€, now I hope they not exceed 2000€.
...and the price goes up... 
We have the iFi micro, we miss the "fully grown" version 
I'm waiting the Ferrari, I'm not interested in a new version of 500  Who announced, with picture, the new Ferrari? 
[...]But compared to previous years, I noticed far fewer new introductions of DACs and related digital products. I wondered why, until I asked myself (and others) two important questions: 1) Would you, as a manufacturer, bring out a premium DAC that was not MQA compatible? 2) Would you, as a consumer, buy a high-performance DAC that lacked potential MQA capabilities? The answers I heard were unanimously...
This thread is about iFi Pro (DAC), please read the first post (2014). We are not talking about iFi production...
First post of this thread: 30/01/2014 For an elephant 20-21 months are sufficient to give birth a baby elephant... iFi WAKE UP!!! 
Meantime it costs less 
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