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External word clock?
Hey iFi, hurry up please... or we can not buy it for too many taxes.
And iF does not support MQA
MQA http://tidal.com/us/masters
2014 - > 2017 -> ????
Ok, you have the iDSD Pro or you are in iFi team 
is your opinion?
In other DACs this is an option (you can use it or not..)I use Dirac which is limited to 192kHz PCM so I like the opportunity of upsampling, from PCM to DSD, inside the DAC.I've used HQPlayer from years but the advantage of Dirac is huge compared to the pleasure of using HQP
Can the iDSD Pro convert from pcm to dsd internally (like Sony, Mytek, Teac and other DAC)?
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