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Suyama san had a listen on this DAP and commented: "The sound is very natural and smooth without any overemphasize. And operational feeling is quite good!"
 I swear Wokei has a whole hard disk dedicated to saving his thousands of GIFs collection.
It is indeed a strange issue. The Calyx M is doing fine with the Aurisonics Rockets, which are 16ohms. 5.1mm dynamic drivers.
 Not sure if you can see clearly from this. Iphone4 isn't very up to date with its camera. Hahaha. The plug looks as though I've sandpapered it roughly and if you noticed, there's a small part that has already lost its top coating. 
 Pretty sure @Kiats owns more FAD than that too. 
sounds like new toy syndrome, this man has. 
Ah... What I meant was the rubber part of the plug, not the 3.5mm jack itself. My bad, should have gone into specifics. I know it ain't gonna affect SQ but afterall when we buy something, we expect the product to look spanking new.Mine looks as though it's been abused for quite a while.  
 My 3.5mm jack had scratches all over it and one part even had the coating coming off... I suppose mine is a one off problem too?
 I looked at your source inventory and it didn't include HM901 and Calyx M. How can that be all daps?! 
Does anyone of you who owns a black cable rocket suffer from bad finishing on the cables as well? 
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