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 I haven't heard the Westone 4s before and it's been a long time since I tried the Noble 4 on and an even longer time since I sold off my F111, so I don't really feel I can compare them. BUT, if i was to compare, I would say the bass quantity would be similar to a Noble 4 but with faster decay, hence a tighter sounding bass.
On a practical note,    did anyone else happen to realise their Calyx M generates much less heat now after the firmware update?
 For $9?! What DAP is that?! 
Hi guys!   I have actually posted a review on the ASG1+ over in this link:     I hope my impressions help answer some of your queries on how they sound. 
For sale is a VERY mint condition Noble K10 Universal IEM.   Less than 2 weeks old.   It really is very new and underused. Hence, rest assured it is in PRISTINE condtion.   Price includes shipping and excludes paypal fees. Shipping is from Singapore.
Close. Wrong Section
Will be selling a very mint condition ROCKETS. It's the gold ones with black cable as seen in the pictures. (Otter box is not included. Can be included with top up)   In fact, I just received this pair just a few days ago.   Includes all accessories (including the anti-loops).   Price includes shipping (unless shipping to your country is crazy expensive or you live in North Korea) and excludes paypal fees. Shipping is from Singapore.       P.S. These are great,...
I don't think it even matters if they announced it a week late. It's their contest, they do whatever they deem fit with it! That being said, I have been checking back every day. Hahah!
That's some crazy price that guy is charging right there. 
  One name per person, dude.
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