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 I guess I need to dig out my 24-bit Remastered Alvin and the Chipmunks album to be an audiophile, because most of my stuff are CD quality.  
I must say, EDSE has me completely enamored. Lively sounding one I must say. More aggressive than the ED3, which sounded slightly subdued next to the EDSE.   Very, very good value.  
My goodies have arrived!
My Konquer came close enough I hope.    Congrats penmarker!
 Oh, he has it tuned more than right. I'm saving all I can now for the big day.   +1 to this as well. Apparently, Dale is gonna tuned most of his more "consumer line" offerings this way now rather than the ASG stage monitor sound. The great thing about Dale is that he listens to the community and improves constantly. Things are just gonna get better! 
 I have a gag order on me right now. All I was allowed to say was how mind blowing it was.  
 That, I did not hear... BUT, I asked about it and the reply was that it would be tuned similar to the Rockets, which was good news to me too, since I preferred the neutral signature. I'm looking forward to the Auris as well. 
  Yeah he was. I'm pretty sure it won't be THAT long since production has been stepped up. He's expanding recently, hiring people and all. In any case, it's a worthwhile wait. You could just forget about it and when it arrives, it'll be a great surprise!
I got the chance to hear the Rockets yesterday when Dale popped by Singapore and I loved them!   I took them out of my ears and took a good look at them because I couldn't believe how such little iems could project such a big sound.   All of you Rocket backers will definitely be 100% satisfied when you get them. 
So Dale popped by and had a launch of their new series of IEMs in SIngapore. Dale is truly one awesome guy and he definitely knows his stuff.   I also tried the entire new range of Aurisonics, namely the ASG1.5, ASG1+, ASG2.5 and of course, the Rockets.   Have to say the big surprise is I enjoyed ASG1+ and Rockets the most!    The ASG1+ is a totally new offering from Aurisonics and has a neutral sound signature that is similar to the Rockets. Also, there is no bass...
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