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Personally tried the entire TFZ series. 1, 3 and 5 all sounded nothing like ASG1-plus to me. ALL THREE on the series are seriously tilted towards the sub bass noticeably, whereas the 1Plus tilt towards bass is nothing as big as the TFZ series. Also, the TFZ series was big on sub bass, and the bass tilt on 1Plus is more of a mid bass tilt if any.   They aren't quite as giant killer as people make them out to be. I agree with @audio123 that they are no where near end game....
1)Destrozer 2)Singapore, Singapore 3)http://www.head-fi.org/products/aurisonics-asg-1plus/reviews/12130 http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/headphones-earphones-portable-media-devices-314/lear-luf-4-impressions-4426192.html 4)I have an instagram account dedicated to all things audio with more than 2600 followers (account handle to be given upon request). Would say that's pretty big exposure!
 How on earth is a Shure 535 a V shaped signature to you?
 I didn't know about this at all man. Headfi history lesson right there! That's really mega cool.
Dude, seriously. why are you shutting him down? you're doing the same thing in the Noble K10 thread. You sold it, so you're not entitled to talk about its bad traits in the Noble K10 thread. That's what you're saying.  The man is really pointing out some things the Forte really doesn't do too well in. Just because his opinions doesn't tally with yours, does that mean he can only do it once? Give him a break man!
 @jmills8, why are you cutting someone down when he's only posting his opinions and impressions? I have seen you posting about your 3 ASG2.5s, Harmony and Forte ALL THE TIME here as well. Do people tell you "oh hey get over it man, i know you're very happy with them but keep your post counts here down because you've already posted about it". You might see things in your perspective and him, his. Plus, he wasn't crapping all over the Fortes, he named some of its redeeming...
@WCDchee can help you on this. He has the K10 and has auditioned the +5 quite abit.
 These definitely look more like the ASG2 Stealth edition. The seller you got it from has it on his profile as ASG2 Stealth as well.
I'm here to chip in my impressions of the 1P2.2 and Plus5 after Gavin graciously granted me another listen to these IEMs.    1P2.2 The 1P2.2 is an instant attention grabber with its superior immediacy and extreme detailing in its sound. Trust me, you will be taken in by the 1P2.2 almost immediately because of how everything is portrayed right in front of you in excellent clarity. True to the predecessor, the 1P2.2 has the same great decay and speed, though losing a hint...
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