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 sounds like you should upgrade it to the ASG-1Plus instead. It's more neutral and does have lesser bass presence.
 I think one big reason why it isn't hyped, is because before introduction of ASG-1Plus and Rockets, the offerings from Aurisonics had a very different house sound.Not many took a liking to it, from what I see locally (Singapore). Hence, now even with a change, people are apprehensive to actually try. 
 Might be alluding to the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor that the USAF uses.  All weather stealth tactical fighter aircraft. 
  So weird! In the impressions above, the touch screen is said to be resistive type, but in the review, the screen has ONCELL touchscreen technology, which is a capacitive screen technology. I'm so confused! 
 sounds like a Calyx M is up your alley. 
   HiFlight did a comparison earlier on in this thread. I completely agree with his points coming from a pair of Rockets to the ASG-1Plus. 
I'm afraid I have no idea about this, but they will be back soon so just a little while more!
  They are tied up, but not CES2015. It's NAMM2015. 
For sale is a mint condition AK240 Limited Gold Edition with Dock and MQS Album   They are all in pristine condition with no blemishes.   Price includes shipping but excludes paypal fees. Shipping is from Singapore.
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