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An external headphone amp is not required. The headphone out on your mp3-player / PC / phone should do fine. As for as volume levels go: With both speakers and headphones I always do burn-ins at normal listening levels and a bit above that after the first 5 hours or so. Pink noise is nowhere near as harsh as white noise, so a low volume setting is not needed.
Hi guys, I'm looking for advice on a set of supra-aural headphones in the €200 to €300 range. As I'm easily distracted, I use a headphone at the office in order to help me focus during certain tasks. I currently use a set of of Sony MDR-ZX600's which I hang around my neck all day so I can use them on the fly. The Sony's swivelling ear cups make this pretty comfortable. Although the ZX600 is a fun set of headphones, they are a bit too bass-heavy for my taste. So I'm...
Bleach and Fairy Tail. Both pretty cool logos, although I would personally go with the same logo for both sides.
The Philips O'neill line of headphones were specifically designed for the use the OP intends. Their 'The Bend' model can be had for around $25 on Amazon. None of them are open headphones though.
I stumbled onto Head-Fi while looking for an upgrade from my HD 448's four months ago. I was already an audiophile, so I was bitten by the headphone bug pretty easily. In the three months since joining I've bought a set of HD 558's, a FiiO E12, a FiiO D03K and a set of Sony MDR-ZX600's (review coming soon). Not to mention all the various cables and LOD's. Currently I'm trying to hold myself back from buying either V-Moda M80's or Grado SR80i's. Must...resist....
I found a free iOS app that makes things even easier. It's called 'Burn-In' and is specifically designed for burning in headphones with white or pink noise. It allows you to create a profile for each of your headphones and set a desired total burn-in time for each profile. With each burn-in session it counts down from this desired total time. The app does offer an in-app purchase which allows you to play music from your device instead of using pink or white noise, but...
Thanks for that. I'm using your file right now to burn in a new set of headphones.   In case someone is curious, this site does an OK job of explaining what pink noise is. It also offers some links to pink noise files and noise generators. A pretty nice browser based noise generator can be found here. Don't forget to set the preset to 'pink noise' when burning in your 'phones.
I would be very careful when ordering something from HDPHNS. They are one of the shops run by Hifi To Go, which has had some very mixed reviews on Tweakers.net and Beslist.nl and scores a 5.1 on review site Vergelijk.nl (by their own admission). I'm not saying they are a bad shop per se (some of the reviews are positive, others are the stuff of customer service nightmares), but you can't be careful enough when ordering online.
I often spend the weekends working in my parents' garden (a mix of forest, meadows and English style garden) and usually listen to music while doing this. Up till now I have been using an old set of Sennheiser HD 202's. They are sturdy and block a decent amount of noise, but I'm looking for something that offers better sound quality. I've spent dozens of hours going through all the reviews of portable headphones on this site and others. Initially I thought the HD 25-1...
Another Dutch deal: Klipsch Image S4i for €54 at YourTablet (http://yourtablet.nl/klipsch-image-s4i-zwart-540). It's valid till the end of Saturday.
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