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Currently using Audio-Technica ATH-WS99, I usually let the rim of my glasses above the earpads when I wear them. This headphone more toward sub bass and real tight bass when amped properly. It is definitely fun though, but still a great all rounder. :)
Thanks for your offer, Mshenay, but I don't think I'll need it. I'm quite happy with my blu-tack mod. 
I see, thanks for the info. Using blu-tack instead, dynamat is hard to find here. This mod is very wonderful, though the romantic voice take a bit hit, but work well with rock. :D
Hi, long time lurker here. I'm wondering, does this mod remove the yellow donut thing (don't know the name) or put it back inside the cup? 
The isolation is just so-so. Tried using it as portable for the first time, definitely the first and the last it will go out. I've tried it in noisy train environment though, so its expected. Even some dynamic IEM also fail this test.
I'm not sure what caused the slight burnt electric smell at the bass port, but this is maybe one of the cause. I charged my C421 and using them at the same time or toggle the bass boost on, now using battery only, no bass boost, listening to speed trance, the burnt electric smell disappear. A little change on the sound signature though, I bet the time is almost ready to stable I guess. The bass tighten up a lot, the mids is liquid smooth and the treble is quite energetic...
Yup, I guess. I think maybe because I turn on bass boost from my C421 amp and play speed trance.
Anyone tried to smell the bass port after long listening session? I smell like something burning but nothing wrong with the driver or sound. Maybe because I've been burn in for a while too.
Well, even before entering audiophile scene, I was a big time AT fans, because they make such cool products. Seriously, their new offering is nothing like their old sound signature, so much maturity they showed. Before this, AT is the last thing I'll equate bass to. Now, what, you want bass, come here. xD
Does the bass more controlled than JDSLabs C421 OPA2227 based and does the bass more punchy than O2 without toggling the bass boost on? Still wondering about the bass performance in stock form, since that is one reason I avoid O2. I like to have more punch than O2 provide, and if C5 repair that, I'll consider getting this.
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