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Great! Keep us posted on how it sounds and what headphones you'll use with it!
Oh my... Thanks! So here's what I'd like to have:- Bottlehead Crack- A good DAC below $500- AKG K702 I also have a pair of iKanto i5 active speakers which are ok. But since they're active, I don't need an amp for them so the Bottlehead crack will just be for the headphones. I'm playing Flac and mp3 through my computer, 95% of the time blues and rock music very heavily guitar-oriented (I'm a guitarist). Thanks! I feel like a total newbee, which I am...
Pardon mine, you're probably more fluent in hifi than I am. The DC-1 is solely a DAC. The Asus is a DAC, a preamp and an amp all at once. So since I'm gonna go with a tube amplifier, I don't need the preamp/amp abilities of the ASUS anymore... That's why I want a unit that is a DAC only. Am I right?
 I'm switching for a tube amp setup so I'll need a separate DAC that only is a DAC.
Hi. For sale my ASUS Xonar Essence One Muses Edition DAC and Headphone Amp. I bought it a year ago after reading the great review available on 6moons: http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews/asus/1.html   So it is basically an all-round great DAC and headphone preamp and amp that kills other much more expensive units. The Muses Edition is the top-of-th-line unit from ASUS and this thing rocks. It is in perfect shape, comes with the original box/case and the reason for...
Hi! Up for sale my vintage Yamaha HP-1. They were still NOS a year ago when I got them. They have seen about a 100 hours of playing so they're just broken in. They're in perfect shape, work 100% and come with their original box. As the connoisseurs will know, these are extremely rare, especially in this shape and with the original packaging.   They are the rare black box anisotropic version, not the white...
Hi.I'm using an ASUS Xonar Essence one Muses Edition. But I'm putting it up for sale right now... I will go with the Emotiva DC-1...
Listening to Joe Bonamassa... Driving Towards the Daylight. Love that album!
That's good to know!
This looks promising. Has anyone tried it with a Bottlehead unit?
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