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Damn, that's not good. Sorry I didn't see your listing, I just used the search function, maybe I missed it. Yeah I picked em up when the going rate was 520-550 used. This hobby is too expensive for me lol.
Hey guys, looking to sell my Th600s. They are in mint condition, nothing wrong with them. What's a fair asking price? When I bought them, they weren't $600 everywhere, and I haven't seen any listed in the for sale for quite some time. Any advice appreciated! Thanks!
Selling a brand new set of X1/28s. I got them for Christmas from a family member, but I have enough headphones as it is and decided not to open them after all.  Just to be clear, the box has never even been opened. They are still sealed in the box, brand new.   You pay PayPal Fees, and I'll cover shipping.   I live in SLC, Utah. So if you're in the area we could do local pickup.
Hey all! First off, I have a Little Dot MkII. With 6N6P-IRs power, and 6HM5s up front.  The problem I'm having is tube feedback? Not sure if that's the correct term.  If you were to flick one of your tubes, and get a pinging sound, that's what I'm getting but almost at random, near anything will set them off. For instance, I'll sneeze (literally) and the tubes will ring for 10+ seconds unless I put my finger on them (stops the vibrating?).  Also, when I shut off the amp,...
Man I thought mine were bad! That's good to know with the better seal, that's the first thing I noticed when I auditioned the M-50x.  From what you've told me and my previous experience, it definitely sounds like you've got the updated pads. I guess I'll be ordering some new pads then. Thanks for the help and updates!
 Cool, yeah an update would be great. I was a bit hesitant to buy them because I've stopped using my m-50s as much as I used to.
 So, I asked the Rep if those pads were the new M50x pads, and he said that they were.
 So I emailed Audio-Techica, and the rep told me to buy these pads for the Ath-M50x.  I don't know if they are the revised version or not.
 I guess no one else really knows either.  I'll come back to this thread or PM you if I find a source!
Hi, I have a pair of normal ath-m50s. I would like to get a set of the pads from the m50x as they were softer and seemed to be higher quality.  I don't want to change the sound signature, so I'm not really interested in any Velour, or other non-stock options. Anyone know where I can pickup genuine m50x pads? 
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