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HiFiMAN HE400i on Amazon for $249
SOLD   I bought the black ones today off of Amazon and I am looking to sell the Ivory(brown/vanilla) pair I have. I've never even opened the box, they are brand new.   If you want the Amazon black friday deal but wanted them in Ivory this is it.   Don't want to charge you more than Amazon so I'll include the Paypal Fees and Shipping in the price of $95.   Thanks for looking!   SOLD
DT 770 Pro 80ohm for $150 on Amazon right now.
Sounds good! I don't think you'll be disappointed by them! The audio cable that comes with them is pretty long. Depending on your setup this can be good or bad. You can get these cables that come in all different sizes, I have the shortest one because my amp is about 2 feet from where I sit. I was concerned with quality, but they're actually really nice for their cost.
Yeah the m50s have a smaller sound stage than those two. The 598s have the better sound stage compared to the X1s in my opinion. They're also known for their mids (something I didn't know I loved so much until I got them). The sound leakage is pretty substantial. Imagine setting a pair of normal closed back headphones down and playing them loudly. That's about the amount of sound leakage that you get from open backs when playing them at a normal volume on your head. For...
Coincidentally I have all three of these headphones right now. My favorite by far is the 598, very comfortable and sound great. Bass response goes like this M50>X1>598. So if the kind of music you like has a lot of bass I'd go for the X1s. If it's not as big of a deal to you I'd recommend the 598s.    Also I thought I'd mention it since no one else has, M50s are closed back 598 and X1s are open back. So that's something else to consider.
SOLD   They are in like new, mint condition. They came out of the box and went straight to a hanger.    I've used these headphones for less than 10 hours. I've decided to sell them because they don't get much head time and I'm looking to free up some space.   I'll pay shipping, you cover Paypal fees. I'm also available to meet in person if you live near SLC, UT.   Thanks for looking!   SOLD
Damn, that's not good. Sorry I didn't see your listing, I just used the search function, maybe I missed it. Yeah I picked em up when the going rate was 520-550 used. This hobby is too expensive for me lol.
Hey guys, looking to sell my Th600s. They are in mint condition, nothing wrong with them. What's a fair asking price? When I bought them, they weren't $600 everywhere, and I haven't seen any listed in the for sale for quite some time. Any advice appreciated! Thanks!
Selling a brand new set of X1/28s. I got them for Christmas from a family member, but I have enough headphones as it is and decided not to open them after all.  Just to be clear, the box has never even been opened. They are still sealed in the box, brand new.   You pay PayPal Fees, and I'll cover shipping.   I live in SLC, Utah. So if you're in the area we could do local pickup.
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