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Alright thanks, so yeah, anyone out there, I'll pay that, 23.99 + shipping.
These pads come extra with the XPT100.  If you'd be up for selling them, let me know! I'm not too sure what they're worth, so we can sort that out.     Thanks!
So I'm assuming this is over then? Bad luck for me D:
Since no one has suggested it yet, I thought I'd throw the Sennheiser HD518s out there.  They're technically open, but they don't leak much, and they do block a fair amount of sound.  They're extremely comfortable (huge ear cups) and would work with your genre's very well. 
Price includes shipping and Paypal fees! Mint condition 225is (see pictures). Comes with original box.   Reason for Selling Some people love Grados, others don't, and I'm just one of those people.  I bought them to try out the sound, and they were just too bright for me.   Thanks for looking!  
Wow! Just got my 6HM5s... SO much better than stock... How many hours are they rated at? Might pick up another set at this price.  Thanks for the suggestions, this amp just got 5x better ^.^
Yeah when you first get them the clamping force is a little bit much, but over time it goes away.  Completely fine after a month or so I'd say of just wearing them.  If you want to speed up the process, stretch them over the box they come in overnight, every night.  I wore mine for the same 6+ hrs a day, and they weren't uncomfortable but if you are, those pads should help a lot. The M50x are the exact same SQ with the ability to swap out cables, imo not worth the +40$...
Hey, I know some won't agree on this forum, but I think the AudioTechnica ATH-M50s fit the bill everywhere except the detachable cable and in line controls.  Durable, visually appealing, good weight, I also play PC games, and they work great for that, they give a good sense of where sounds are coming from.  They're closed back, so they don't leak sound in or out, and one of the best things, is how EQ-able they are, I play with EQ a lot too and they can be pushed pretty far...
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