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 Thanks for your feedback. So AD700X pads fit with A900xltd but change the sound sign heavily?  What's your opinion about Beyerdynamic/Hifiman pads? I don't have many options, so as long as it fits with A900xltd and doesn't affect mids, it's OK. In fact, I prefer more bright treble so AD700x pads may be a choice (dont care much about bass).
My A900X LTD pads are tearing down but due to my circumstance, my replacement option is very limited. Can anyone confirm any of those pads in below list can work with A900X?   My options are: - AD700X Velour Pads - Beyerdynamic Velour/Pleather Pads - Hifiman Pleather Pads
I've owned dx100 for 4 months, and still like it very much. But recently market has a lot of newer daps, like dx90, x5, rwak100 120, calyx...Does dx100 still have its position? Do anyone have experience/comparison with other daps?   Just curious...
Thanks for your helps. I think I'll find a impedance resistor at local stores, if I can't, I'll consider about dx100, though I think buying both is the best option :)
So if I use it with a dap with clean lineout, no mobile signal, it shouldn't be a problem? Is the noise really zero? Because I usually listen at low vol, just a slight noise can be annoying.   btw, for a transportable setup, which one is better, ipod+glacier or dx100? Just in sound quality. From what I read, they have similar sound sign, so not sure which one is better. I already have an ipod classic, but can't choose between 290$ glacier and 400$ dx100. Both are pretty...
Have anyone here ever had problem with sensitive iem?   I have a good glacier deal, but my sony ex1000 is really sensitive(may be one of the most sensitive iems), and I'd like not to hear any noise or hiss :|   Also don't want to use any impedance adaptor, it's a pain to use it with portable combo
For your genres, I think SM64 is the proper choice. SE535's only good at mid, mediocre at bass and treble.
One of my favourite genres is Anime ost, but itune store has none. One more fatal problem, itune can't read flac.  
I have a ra1 clone, with the similar design with cmoy. I think the problem is charger or battery. Mine has horrible distortion when uses nearly empty batteries. You should fully charge the batteries and try again. If the distortion still remains, then email JDS for a new unit
    Yeah, it's a very good headphone, I like the way it sound very much, just a little bit sad    In my country, I'm the 3rd owner of that set. The 1st took it from a headfi-er. Both of them is very experieced in headphones, the 2nd is also an audio engineer. I know them and their levels, if they can't realize that can is 225, no way I can realize that if I don't take pictures to this topic.   Thank you very much for helping. From bottom of my heart. I like knowing the...
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