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I think you're mistaken in these assumptions. In my experience the biggest difference is always in the combination of the headphones/speakers and amplifier. A headphone cable is part of that, as well as the tubes in case of a tube amplifier. This combination makes the sound, but is of course limited by the quality of what you feed it.  
Doesn't that mean you mix up words and don't know what you're saying?  I'd take that rather seriously.  
No problem, but they're different words with a completely different meaning.  Complement is often used in math. If A is the complement of B it means A covers everything B doesn't cover and the other way around. Together they cover the whole area. Compliment means saying something nice about someone. I think it just looks stupid if you mix them up, it shows you don't know what you are saying.  
It is an interesting amp, but the output impedance is very high (164 Ohm) and is only suitable for headphones with an impedance of 200Ohm or higher (as stated by the manufaturer)... Therefore probably not as good match with the LCD2. 
I almost bought a pair, but now I got cold feet...    
  So, you're good together...     
Happens with mine too. And, yes, I locked it properly.  
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