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Possibly meant to enable you to feel what's left and right (if you can feel the ring with your finger) without having to look?  
Yes. 30.
Yes,this. . Only very few people here know what they are talking about.  
I leave it on all the time. But if I unplug my phones I turn the volume all the way down first. I do the same if I have to switch it off for some reason.  
Congratulations! I've had mine for years now and it hasn't disappointed me yet. I'm sure you're going to enjoy yours.
I'm sorry, but the only alternatives for the driver tubes are insanely expensive NOS Siemens....    
Computers work not with single bits but with 8-bit words. Hence every increase would be an 8 bit increase.
Old and senile???  
I thought the Auditor is made by SPL, not PS Audio. The Auditor is the scaled down version of the SPL Phonitor as far as I know...  
Discerning the obvious differences is clearly and sadly not for everybody.
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