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You mean Beyerdynamic DT990?
You know you have to screw the plug in the earcup, right? Not plug it, screw it. Sorry if I'm insulting you now, but this has been done wrong many many times in the past...
I think they're worth the effort to try them. They're easy to find in brick&mortar stores (at least over here anyway). I quite like my (lightly modded) PRO900 and I'm seriously considering the Signature PRO. I'm not trying to sell them to you or anything, it just occurred to me that they tick a lot of boxes that you seem to find important.  
Why not the Ultrasone Signature Pro?
Yes, I do.
I have an extension in my browser (Chrome) that extracts the EXIF info for me from any picture that has it embedded. Your 17-55 lens, if it is a macro, probably has a minimum focus distance of about 1/2 m, which would be much more practical for this shot.  Rule of thumb to hold your camera still. Handheld most people need a shutter speed of 1/(used focal lenght) or faster. So if you shoot handheld at 200mm you probably need 1/200 sec to keep it still, while at 50mm you...
You're using a 200mm lens (or a zoom at 200mm) . Lenses like that usually have a minimum focussing distance of approximately 2 metre. Being a macro lens this is probably reduced to about 1 m. My guess is you are too close for a good focus. Also you had a shutter time of 1/30 which is quite long for a 200mm to hold still handheld (although you seem to have done a pretty good job at that point).
The DT990 have a distictly U-shaped frequecy response, with somewhat piercing highs. The KH-K1000 are much more balanced with a more polite high end. I have called them in the past a closed version of the HD650. 
I personally rate the Kenwood much higher than the DT990 I owned.
Strange, in my experience, their lack of soundstage make the L3000 a very poor choice for large scale orchestral music...  
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