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The standard back then was 120 Ohm.
I read in this forum that Jecklin Float claims to have made the first open headphones (in 1972)...?
X2. Make sure you SCREW the cable connector all the way in.
OK mom, we get it....
Kenwood KH K1000.
You have a point there. I guess it's why I also own this "tuning fork" Bulova Accutron.  
I think the point is to have a watch that you really like. Sometimes that can mean it is expensive, but expensive is also very relative.... I guess there are also more than a few people who like to show off their wealth, but I think that resorts under "status". Very cheap watches often tell time as acurately (or even better) than expensive watches. So, I think the answer to your question is: "Besides looks & status there is no point" .   My Tissot is not very expensive...
Thanks for the compliments Moxxymig & Mongol. 
I actually modded them quite a bit. I removed the cups completely and made a new semi open open construction. And I balanced them. No time for pictures now.
Try Grado.
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