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If any audio setup (DAC-amp-phones/speakers) doesn't make the recording sound like I'm at a concert, if it doesn't put me there, it failed. Setups that are called analytical never failed to fail in my book.
Does a concert sound analytical?
So that's where your brains are...
Looks good, but they don't come from Mark Lawton????? Are they modded with Mark's mods?
Not really, in my opinion of course.
I thought that's what his post said...(V1281 is balanced, V200 not)?
The PRO900 do change over time, it's no placebo. The changes are not spectacular  themselves, but they do change the overall sound signature noticably. Bass gets better definition and the highs get a bit "rounder".
ATH ES7 (as suggested above) and AKG K81DJ.
Beyerdynamic DT150 might fit your requirements. Built to last forever, over ear, good isolation, reasonable sq, sub $300.
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