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It is Chris' tone and attitude that is the problem here, and I don't see where I made an assumption???? He made an "I'll tell you how it is" -statement that was beside the point, wrong and misdirecting. Nothing baseless about stating that.   I couldn't care less about my credibility in these forums any more lately.
Balancing headphones does not  "just remove the common ground" . It feeds the ground wire for each channel (separately of course) with an inverse signal. So the driver gets instead of signal/ground signal/inverse signal. To make that more easy to visualise you could picture it like: the signal voltage pushes the driver, while simultaneously the inverse signal pulls the driver with the same, but inversely directed force.
He's wrong for the relevant part. HE500 were specifically designed to be EASY to drive, so no big surprise that balancing them didn't make a lot of difference.... But if you prefer to accept the misdirecting blanket statement of the nice guy who acts like he thinks he knows it all as truth, please be my guest.
The reason (and effect of) balanced output into your drivers is unrelated to the balanced conecting of source and amp, your  statement is therefore irrelevant and rather ignorant. Please do your homework before you make a fool of yourself and steer other people in the wrong direction. Balanced signal from your amp into your driver provides double voltage swing and much better precision in the the translation of the electrical signal into physical movement of the driver....
Get a better amp or keep the volume lower.
I wouldn't know honestly, it's more a matter of time and priorities. 
Not necessarily. I'd pay the price if they sound better than the original (and if I happen to have the money).
I didn't say form and function are mutually exclusive.  A coat can be both warm and fashionable (or even beautiful) and headphones can be both beautiful and sound superb. No argument there.  In the context of the funtionality of the coat: If I ask for a coat to keep me warm, because I'm cold, I don't want to get the advice to "get this one, because it is the most beautiful coat ever made". I don't care if it is beautiful, it must keep me warm. It will never keep me warm...
Wouldn't that be just wonderful?    
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