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About this much.  
high gain is not suitable for low impedance headphones.    
I have mine for five years now and there's no sign of any wear or tear, so I guess being reasonbly careful should do it.
Earmax Pro. I find this amp hands down the best match for HD650 (or 600) single ended.    
the amp will amplify and the DAC will do digital to analig conversion. The E7 will do both.  
Sorry, but that is not quite true. High impedance headphones don't want low impedance output from your amp. Low output impedance is needed to make sure low impedance headphones get enough current.    
There's a lot of wishful thinking going on here.....
Yes, it's save, just use the one you like most.  
And also the lower the impedance the less power they get, depends on the amplifier. But for DAPs you're right, most will be optimised for lower impedance (16-50 Ohm) phones. Most DAPs have no problem with 100Ohm ER4S though. I just wanted to make the point that just looking at the impedance is not enough.     
To a DAP being able to drive them without extra amplification. High or low impedance is not the deciding factor for headphones being easy to drive or not.  
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