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So you put square wheels under your Porche and then tell us Porche sucks...... and then you think your opinion could be of interest to anybody?
It will never end. 
There are no small differences. There are only differences that matter and differences that don't matter to you.
Congratulations! You just made my ignore list. You almost made it for quite a while, but now you're finally in. Have fun with the rest of the guys there.  
What the LCD2 don't do is add an upper-trebble hump that is often mistaken for detail.     
00:06 May 22. All worthy people have been beamed to heaven by now. Looking around to find out who are left.    
I had Silver Dragon. It made them sound kind of flat and thin. No good to my ears. I'm very curious about the Black Dragon, I had the Black Dragon before on my K701 and liked it very much, I also have it on my HE5 and it makes them really good (balanced from a very good tube amp).
No. You get something out of an iPod, (and not too bad either) but not "almost the best" , you need an amp for that, a desktop amp. A portable amp may get you halfway.    
It may have taken a while, but it looks good!  
I don't think of it. If I'd want to know what difference it makes on my HD650, I'd buy it and listen carefully. Then I'd decide if the difference to me is this big or that big.  
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