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Phono inputs are different and not to be confused with the other inputs.    
Your science has tin ears.  
????  Do you want to call out the developers of expensive gear to deliver no real improvement and only status and good looks? Or do you have tin ears and honestly don't hear the difference?  Which is it?    
  The differences are factual. Expensive amp quite often are very good. Tha fact that there are lots of people that cannot afford expensive stuf is reason for you (and a few with you) to cry out that it is all a scam, that the differences are not real and that anybody saying differently is just suffering from placebo. I have an opinion about that attitude, but the words I need to frase it are not allowed here. There was a good reason you're on my ignore list in the first...
No. Because they keep insisting ad nauseam that there IS no difference because they can't hear it, and because they say that everybody who can hear a difference is just suffering from placebo.  
I agree with you that some people take this way too far, but on the other hand there are examples of different combinations that really make a big difference (big to my ears). I also think it wise to realise that you are never listening to the headphones, you are allways listening to the whole chain. It's the whole combination that makes the sound you're hearing, not just the headphones.   
Amen. It is perfectly understandable. Tin ears are feeling inadequate and they feel the need to reason their inadequacy away. Placebo is the perfect excuse.    
It seems to be fashion lately that everybody with tin ears suddenly becomes a placebo expert.....
You might want to take a look at the Kenwood KH K1000. Best described as "closed HD650".    
I know they asked, but YOU give an opinion on the LDC2 based on driving it on square wheels, I think thats pretty stupid don't you think?  
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