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You mean complementary headphones?
Weight including the cable in both cases?
Do other people here hear a difference?  If so, how did it get there?
I don't know what is what, but the d.flac file sounds much better to my ears. More space and more detail. The c.flac file sounds comparatively compressed.
Sounds like a tube. Was your amp still heating up? Tubes can make a sound like that when heating up or cooling down.
  Absolutely great!
I think the original poster has grandchildren by now... 
I think the wood is not visible. It is covered  with foil and then coverd with the red laquer.
Yes, the price tag is understandable, but still rather high, too high for me to spend on a whim any way. And I find it a bit of a pity what Larry does with the heat shrink on the cable sleeving. 
It never ends, does it?  
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