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+1 for the tap handle stands. -1 for TheOtus. Make that -2.
With Peter and the entire Beyer service team?  
A "built-in power supply" doesn't mean it is "off the grid", it just means the power supply/connection to the mains is in the same housing as the rest of the amp.
It sounds like a hair crept in. Gently blow the driver clean.
Nice. The mod is really easy and it is as easily undone as it is done, so there's no risk involved. The fun thing is that you can try different things to get it exactly to your liking. I tried different materials (paper, cork, plastic, felt) and you can also try perforations in the disk (varying amount, size and placement). When you get the hang of it and a feel of the different effects it causes, it is just a question of time and patience to get it just right. Have...
The Trafomatic and the T1 are a very good match actually...
I tend to agree...  (see my avatar)
Did you check if you properly screwed the cable in the cup?
Not just lately. This has been the case with HD600/HD650 from Sennheiser and DT880/DT990 from Beyerdynamic for instance.
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