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Nothing to russians ((
I have Sony XBA-3 and Sennheiser IE7. I use them with Sony Walkman A816, Iphone 5 and Sansa Clip. I live in Russia, Voronezh. Speaking, reading, thinking: Russian (fluently), English.
Is it really big difference in sound between 3 and 30?  I have ordered xba3 and still don't know did I do right or not?
There're a lof of opinions... Will X3 sounds better with 1BA ears like sony xba1 than iTouch 4 with Xba3?
Hey, is it sounds so fantastic than other apple devices, like a itouch 4G? I see you have an argue about his functionality and navigation, Seriously? Is it what are you looking for in a hifi device?
Thanks a lot. Today I listened a Sony NWZ-A806 with eQu and I loved this sound feed(sorry, for incorrect eng). I used my M2. The sound with Ipod is dry compared to Sony. Could it change your advice? Will W4 play with NWZ-A806 so bright as my M2 or I should change dap? I got only ~ 200$ for it.
I decide to buy armature for my ipod 4g. I own Brainwavz M2, but sound is very deep and highs are not clear too.(I dont know how to describe it). Meanwhile, Senheiser IE 4 sounds better: cleaner and closer, but only at Huawei (smartphone). On ipod it sounds a bit better that M2. I chose between Westone 3(299$) and XBA-3(135$). When I ask at another one forum they adviced me to buy UE900(350-400$) or UM3X(~ same as UE). I dont really want to listen separated...
So, should I change Touch 4g to F806?
Hello.   I want to buy this model but haven't listened yet. I own Ipod touch 4g and Brainwawz M2, but sound is very deep.(I dont know how to describe it). Meanwhile, Senheiser IE 4 sounds better: cleaner and closer. Please answer some questions: 1) Someone says that F806 can't unlock the potential of XBA-3 (I'm not an audiophile, so I don't find little and not obvious sound problems. Therefore, I decided to buy XBA-3, cuz it's good balanced headphones). Is it...
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