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Wow, great advice as always. You've both given me some things to think about. A very detailed response 4145. My source at the moment is my PC but I'm so happy with this little setup I'm thinking of moving it downstairs to a dedicated music/reading room. I have some Sonos kit so I was thinking of building on that by buying the Sonos Connect and plumbing in the Dayton/Lepai with the addition of a new subwoofer. It will be purely for listening to music, and the room's about...
Hi,   I recently bought some Dayton Studio monitors and Lepai LP-2020A+ amp, and am really very happy with them.   Now I'd like to add an amplifier but I think the widely recommended Dayton ones are only 110v and I need 240v (Australia).   Has anyone got any recommendations or links to subwoofers people are happy pairing with these Dayton speakers?   TIA.
Hahahaha sorry lads, one of my many sayings... Squirt farken = very impressed, especially for the price. Very noice
I received my BH the other day along with my ATH-M50's. Two words - Squirt Farken...
^ +1
Hey thanks for all the input guys. I really do appreciate it, and I know many of you spend a lot of your own time replying to others. I've decided to get some 2 way nearfields and just make room for them. I think i'll steer clear of computer speakers. I went to a local shop and listened to some Mackie MR5's which were ok. I'm kind of leaning toward the Dayton B652 nearfields with the compulsory Lepai 2020a+ and a polk 10" sub. I'll probably need a new sound card too.
Hi. Well as my search continues for some new near-field speakers I've been weighing up whether i should sacrifice room (typically 7") on either side of my 2x 24" monitors, or get smaller speakers. Then I came up with an alternative idea. Can I run full floor speakers as near-field speakers which will still sound great? This would mean I could save desk space while still getting a larger speaker.
No probs...
Disadvantage...? Funny, I see it as an advantage.
Don't laugh but the current "garbages" are the Logitech LS21's: [URL]http://www.logitech.com/en-au/product/LS21-speakers?crid=47[/URL]   - budgets under $200 for amp, speakers and sub - but I could stretch, - I have been looking at the Dayton Sub-1000 but I really don't have the space for it either   OR,  should I make room by mounting the Daytons on my study wall up behind my desk? They're just so big and detract from the look of my room. Can I get something...
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