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That's actually what I was referring to: "thanks for boosting our social media presence"... A-hole alert!
I think the Facebook editor is probably just a snob about giant killing high value products. That review by Herb was very positive, And the post headline is actively trying to mischaracterize the product.
just looked at the page, the poster is really snide. I've never seen Stereophile post an inflammatory headline like that on a product positively reviewed.
some people just want to worry about their gear, even though it's working fine.
That's been pretty well established. Thanks, Focal...
no matter what the manufacturer may say, veneer is cheap, and looks extremely tacky. I don't have a problem with the metal elements, other than that it is just a poor looking design. And it uses the same suspension design as their least expensive headphones, albeit with leather in the headband. The Shangri-La is a great sounding headphone with an awesome amplifier. But damn, let's get away from the butt ugly, cheap wood veneer. Other companies are bringing better design,...
True, though the Lisst tubes have been out of stock for quite a while though. I couldn't get any when I ordered my M2 a month and a half ago. And they're still out of stock
The elear pads are velour/ microfiber. The Utopia pads are lamb skin leather. The Elear are great headphones and come with a great warranty. Don't let the replacement cost of pads put you off from looking into them.
Most magazines charge about 10% of cover price when you subscribe. Fwiw.
Fang is already on record as saying that he priced the HEK at what he thought the market would support. I think he is finding out that the market might not support a BS 6K price point
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