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I don't recommend it. You get more bass, but it kills the freq response. Bad at the expense of everything else.
I think has been covered extensively. There was an early batch of Elears that were recalled. That was it. Btw, I'm the guy you're messaging on eBay about this.
In the case of Audeze, you would return them to Audeze for repair in California.
Yes please. Buy a headphone that sounds good. Tuning with cables is neurotic
please don't hope to tune your headphones with silver cables. It's a very good conductor, but it doesn't increase bass output. If you want great cables for the price, go with Norne. Nordost and Kimber are too expensive to be a good value.
I was curious so I hunted you down with a single Google search! I'm the world's greatest detective!
preamps generally have multiple inputs to plug in multiple devices. some people prefer to have separate preamps and amplification instead of having a home theater receiver, or an integrated amp.
I heartily agree. I never flame somebody unless I've actually been burned in the first place, and it sounds like everything's been taken care of, or will be come Monday.
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