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He inferred that those of us that went to the schiit show heard a prototype without knowing...
The S.E.X. is a different kit altogether. Speedball is relatively easy to install
Very favorably. I'd say 90 % performance for about half price. Jason said there was serious talk about whether they should produce it, as it will take a bite out of the Yggy sales...
the mjolnir 2 is now single ended capable, so there you go. Or you can throw solid-state tubes into the Lyr.
"linear integrated"
as long as you put the dac on the bottom, yeah you should be fine.
Greetings fellow Head-fiers!        It was a great Schiit show!  Thanks to Jason, Mike, Warren and staff for organizing such a fun event. Thanks also to Dan Clark and Mr. Speakers for sharing the floor. It was really entertaining to have such a streamlined event focusing on a few new products with a relatively small crowd.        The new products have already been listed above so I won't go over that again.  Of the newly listed products, the most interesting to me are...
Crap. I just tried to RSVP, and all the tix are gone. I don't suppose it's ok just to show up?
that's very humble of you to admit that. Most head fi /hifi junkie would double down and argue the point
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