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Only 10 Hz? Lol, those are some pretty brown notes!
magic midrange, clean pristine treble, detailed bass; very high resolution... They are still better than most. World class.
the LCD series headphones are very mid-centric. So yes, the sound signature can take some getting used to.
having owned both, the midrange always felt "off" to me with the WA7. There was no body to the sound, imo. The HA-1 has virtually perfect, transparent mids. I did find the tube highs on the Woo to be superior, although this could be due to the dac and not the amp. Overall, i really prefer the Oppo. Btw, the HA-1 is a killer preamp. I use it for for my pro-ject turntable, using a lounge audio mk iii phono preamp going into the Oppo. This thing is a secret weapon.
If you don't wanna spend 450 on the Lyr, I 2nd the recommendation on the project ember. Add a single nos tube, and you'll love it. Impedance and gain adjustment, it'll work great with every 'phone you've got
Audeze LCD-2 rev 2. That's pre fazor
I never found the highs harsh on the Oppo, they're just not tube highs! Lol.
Maybe if you're playing music at ear bleeding volumes or are part of the population that is hyper sensitive to sibilance.  And I mean HYPER.  I've never once winced at anything on these 'phones.
Yeah. The first time I heard Metallica's Load or Mastodon's "Black Tongue" on the 650's they quite simply sounded like *****.  I've not run into anything yet that truly sounded bad on my LCD-2F's.
I can say I've never felt that way. My Beyer t90's are pretty fast sounding headphones, but the LCD 2's on my Oppo HA-1 have terrific layering.  Chicago's "Hard habit to Break" is a good test for this on vocals.
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