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Jason was the premier dealer, as he has a long time relationship with Focal directly. The drama is ridiculous
he didn't say that. The release is limited to the states currently, and specifically to one dealer. It will broaden in a few weeks
have you heard either one yet? The Utopia most definitely is a less "Shouty" then the Elear. The utopia is virtually never in your face, FR-wise. I think this is one case where going just by the measurements can be very misleading unless you actually heard them.
I think Jason was pretty clear that it's difficult and expensive to turn solid beryllium into dust. If you don't go out of your way to utterly destroy your headphone drivers you should be OK. Anecdotal evidence from their beryllium-using speakers suggest they are reliable and safe.
In the aviation community, we've been using beryllium as part of the brake assembly for decades with virtually no known cases of poisoning. Unless you try to pulverize your headphones, you should be fine😀
I'll say it-the LCD-2! Ha ha ha. Man, the Utopia has more than enough, just not as much as a broad bass emphasis as the Elear. @TSAVJasonand @Stillhart, a fun time was had by all. The Utopia/Elear pad swap was enlightening; I never thought it would make that big a difference in the sound of both headphones.
yep! I found that out at can jam when I plugged in a pair of LCD 2s.it drives them seriously loud, and with finesse
I was referring to the article that was linked. Utter trash about metadata spoiling audio quality. Just total foolishness.
Another case of TAS creating a solution to a nonexistent problem. To misquote Billy Madison: everyone here is stupider for having read that. May god have mercy on our souls
Me too! I'll throw down with my Gungnir MB to my Kenzie to my LCD-2 f's. Playing Pink Floyd's Pulse, Volto! Incitare, Tears for Fears, and various Rush remasters from '15. I've tried the vaunted Raytheon input tube, and while great- sounding, it adds a little too much body for me. The stock config is world class for me.
New Posts  All Forums: