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I was referring to the article that was linked. Utter trash about metadata spoiling audio quality. Just total foolishness.
Another case of TAS creating a solution to a nonexistent problem. To misquote Billy Madison: everyone here is stupider for having read that. May god have mercy on our souls
Me too! I'll throw down with my Gungnir MB to my Kenzie to my LCD-2 f's. Playing Pink Floyd's Pulse, Volto! Incitare, Tears for Fears, and various Rush remasters from '15. I've tried the vaunted Raytheon input tube, and while great- sounding, it adds a little too much body for me. The stock config is world class for me.
Yup, I'll be there
I believe they are going to be at T.H.E. Show Newport
I'll redirect you here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/802346/ampsandsound-aka-amps-sound/30#post_12473400
I would be jealous, but I'll be sticking with my Kenzie! Enjoy, E!
The MJ2 gets hot, yeah, but not "untouchable" (at least not the volume knob, you don't need to touch anything else). Choose as you will, and enjoy!
between the Schiit stack and the OPPO,i would choose the Schiit. They both get hot, but they're designed to: their class A amps, and get warm. I say Schiit mainly because I found the Ha1 to be I the dryer side of the spectrum. I always found the treble troubling on the Ha1. Not due to distortion but because the treble falls on the dry side with a slightly metallic tinge. If you're really debating between the two,i recommend the MJ2/Gungnir stack.
Yep! I rolled in a Raytheon 2C52 before I wrote the review.  Let it burn in for a couple days...I preferred the RCA 12SL7.  The 2C was a little too thick in the bottom.  This is a reference quality amp without the need for any exotic tubes, Imo.
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