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I've just been reading more about the M50 The thread seems to suggest that with the increased price of the new model, design changes, and progression of others competitors its not longer the gem it may once have been...?
Sounds like good advice for a new comer.
So the question then is do I go NC with possibly less SQ, or no NC with possibly better SQ and pocket the $70. I'm just after some good headphones for work to help me block out people talking, while also listening to some decent phones. Budget is under $250 and would consider IEM too.
Hi,   I'm new and this is my first post, so take it easy on me.  I'm looking to buy some good headphones for work. I've been looking at: - Audio Technica ANC9 (NC) - Audio Technica ATH-M50   Which phones are better for SQ? I like the noise cancelling option in the ANC9's but SQ is very important to me. The price difference between these is around $70.   Is it also worth spending money on a portable amp too, when my source is my iPhone 3GS using Spotify in...
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