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For all of you lucky P1 owners - would you mind providing me with a little help on M3U playlist support........  I've had Cowon products in the past and managed to get M3U playlists working but I've looked around I can't seem to find a definitive answer for the P1.  Any help or advice would be most welcome.  If someone wouldn't mind trying it out on theirs I'd be most grateful! Thank you.
Item is two months old but rarely used. It is in excellent condition - not a single Mark on it. It comes with all its accessories, including front and back protectors. I was bought it as a gift by my wife (great wife I hear you say - and yes I agree completely) however, I've also heard the P1 and in true audiophile (ilogical) fashion changed my mind at the last minute..... problem is she doesn't know and I haven't the heart (guts) to tell her! Fortunately she doesn't...
It's very much appreciated TCD!  Thanks - great look and feel - and thanks for sticking with most recent firmware developments too.
Well bugger me - I knew the answer would have been somewhere in here - poor searching. As a similarly grumpy guy I agree with the updating comment - there are plenty of instances where updates coming out that state 'bug fixes' but seem to contain a raft of new ones!   Needless to say I'll be sticking with 2.3 here on out. Cheers Castle
 I've been looking for 3 days to a solution to the missing album art quandary, and think I've found a solution.  I have the NWZ-A15 walkman and use a 128GB Sandisk card. I have transferred by music onto the card via a card reader and also directly whilst the card is in the walkman.  The strange thing was I was getting album art for any ALAC albums I had but not mp3.   I read somewhere that the walkman would not load progressive jpegs but would only load baseline jpegs. So...
Hi, could anyone who has the ZX2 please help?     I do most of my listening via folder navigation, but I also do like to use playlists now and again.  Can anyone advise if the ZX2 supports M3U playlists files?   If the answer is yes, could you please post an example of the path structure in the M3U file - i.e. is it a relative path or are Drive identifiers used?   I've looked through the forum and across the web and can see posts relating to Creating of playlists but...
My P1 is in the post!!  However could someone help me with a couple questions -   Although I have my music organised and often use folder navigation, I do use playlists a lot.  Can someone confirm that they have M3U playlists created outside of the P1 working? Mac or PC?   I have a mac and I wondered if anyone had specific experience with the two working together?   Thanks in advance everyone.
Hi,    I'm selling my DX50 for the simple reason that I have upgraded to the a DX90. The unit has been in a silicone case since day one as well as a pelican case when moved from place to place (overkill I know but I had one I wasn't using so why not) - as such it is in mint condition.   I've had the player for about 5 months - it was used a lot around Christmas but since then work has been too busy for much use during the day.   It comes with it's original box, coax...
^ New to me..... ......simply magnificent!  Thank you Br777!
Thanks Cooperpwc, not sure the $129.99 is in my price range though!!!!   I'm sure I saw it on deal extreme only a few months back for under $10.  I'll keep looking!
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