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I have a Audio-GD NFB 10ES2 DAC and a Mav Audio A1. If I turn off the DAC first it makes a relatively loud popping sound so I always turn the amp off first.
I have the NFB-10ES2 and I am wondering if someone could explain the sonic benefits of a digital interface like the DI-2014. I primily listen through USB from my MAC (lossless files with DAC settings at 24/176). On occasion I will also play through an Apple Airport Express (I use an older model because there is too much jitter for the 10ES2 with the new model Airport Express). Would DI-2014 help with the optical input jitter?
Deanorthk,Have you received your Forza cables yet? I'm wondering how the hybrid LOD cables sound with the 720
Did you hear back from Ryan? I'd like to know as I'm considering getting the D2 (already have the A1).
Thanks for your reply. I am waiting on an adapter for my theorem 720 so I can see if it works with another DAC - then i'll have a better sense. 4m is a long distance and some cables work better with one DAC than with another.
I have a NFB-10ES2 - same chip as the 28 (I am posting here since this thread has more action) and I am having issues connecting with my Mac using a 4m copper USB cable from Forza Audio Works. It used to work but at some point, I believe with a OS update, it stopped working. The computer sees the device but won't recognize it as an audio device. Occasionally I can make a connection (turning things on and off) but even then there is popping. I updated the Audio-GD firmware...
I'm wondering if anyone has opinions on copper digital cables vs silver digital cables with the 720. I am going to buy a couple different lengths of lightning (for iPhone/iPad) to USB Mini from Forza Audio Works and they offer both OCC 7N Cryo Copper and Silver.
I will. I sent an email to Sunggoo at T-Peos asking him if the cables have 3 or 4 wires, if T-Peos could make a balanced cable, or if T-Peos could sell me just the connectors so I could commission someone to make a cable.A couple months ago I had Sunricky, an eBay cable maker in Hong Kong, make a silver cable with a mic remote (before I bought the Theorem 720). The sound was not a good as the stock H-300 cables - brighter and lacking in bass - so I would be hesitant to...
For the last two weeks I've been using the H-300 with the Cypher Labs Theorem 720 DAC/Amp. Aside from the noise floor, which I find to be minimal - only noticeable between tracks or with very quiet music - the sound is absolutely incredible. I have gotten used to the highs with the H-300 so I don't feel the need to EQ. Using Comply foam also tones down the treble. The Theorem 720 is fairly neutral so it doesn't change the signature of the H-300, it just seems to extends...
I am curious about this as well - I plan to convert one my iem cables to balanced.
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