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I'm wondering if anyone has opinions on copper digital cables vs silver digital cables with the 720. I am going to buy a couple different lengths of lightning (for iPhone/iPad) to USB Mini from Forza Audio Works and they offer both OCC 7N Cryo Copper and Silver.
I will. I sent an email to Sunggoo at T-Peos asking him if the cables have 3 or 4 wires, if T-Peos could make a balanced cable, or if T-Peos could sell me just the connectors so I could commission someone to make a cable.A couple months ago I had Sunricky, an eBay cable maker in Hong Kong, make a silver cable with a mic remote (before I bought the Theorem 720). The sound was not a good as the stock H-300 cables - brighter and lacking in bass - so I would be hesitant to...
For the last two weeks I've been using the H-300 with the Cypher Labs Theorem 720 DAC/Amp. Aside from the noise floor, which I find to be minimal - only noticeable between tracks or with very quiet music - the sound is absolutely incredible. I have gotten used to the highs with the H-300 so I don't feel the need to EQ. Using Comply foam also tones down the treble. The Theorem 720 is fairly neutral so it doesn't change the signature of the H-300, it just seems to extends...
I am curious about this as well - I plan to convert one my iem cables to balanced.
I ended up buying the Cypher Labs Theorem 720 .The battery life is fantastic, its sounds excellent with the H-300, works as a DAC only  (In my car or anywhere else) and charges my iPhone. My only complaint is the noise floor but it's not bad and most of the time I can't hear it at all. I have been traveling since i purchased it so I haven't been able to listen with other headphones but its very powerful and It may even sound better than my Audio-GD NFB10ES2.
I don't think the D2 DAC will read an idevice but my guess is that the D2 would work with the DX50. I suggest emailing Ryan at Maverick
Has anyone tried the T-Peos H-200 or H-300 with the 720. They are not crazy sensitive IEM so I'm really hoping the noise floor will be minimal. I'll be listening with an iPhone 5s, mostly electronic music
I spoke with Cypher Labs today and they said that the 720 does, in fact, charge an iDevice both on the 720s battery and when plugged into a power source.
I just read through some of the forum where people are talking about the impedance issues. Would the MUSES02 counter the tonality issues caused by the low impedance?
Thanks so much Nuwidol! this is really helpful. I meant idevice charging - and again, this info is very helpful because one thing I would also like to do is use as a DAC only connected to iPhone and my car stereo. The DAC would be powered all the time in this configuration and would need to charge the iPhone. Sounds like only SDT would do this but it is a shame it won't charge the idevice while running on battery power - I thought I read that it did this. Could i play my...
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