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Ok, thanks. I'll give it a try!
Is there any danger of damaging the amp listening to 8ohm speakers at the 4ohm setting?
Thanks for the tip bimmer100! I had read about the Wyrd at one point but had forgotten. I just ordered one! I'll let you know how it works.  Yes, I would guess that the Audio-GD DACs, or at least the models using the ES9018 in a similar configuration, are very sensitive to errors. 
Hi all,   I have the 2014 NFB-28 and recently hooked up a 15 ft USB cable connected to a MacBook. The sound is good however if I move the cable it will cut out and depending on the moment it may or may not reconnect without powering off and back on again.  I have have tried many cables of different lengths and makes and found that past a certain length the NFB-28 gets really finicky most cables. I also have a NFB-10ES2 that is even more finicky and doing a firmware...
Are you using a Mac or PC?
Thanks Steve!
Hi all,   I am making a splitter (3.5 mm male to two 3.5 mm female connectors) using Neutrix/Reen connectors. When wiring without a shield I am not getting channel separation and the sound is muted. I am wondering if I can simply wrap a ground/shield wire and solder to the connectors as opposed to soldering a conventional shield. I am limited, in diameter, to the size of the 3.5 mm connectors so I can't use the shielded wire I have. When simply wrapping the left and...
Thanks for your reply Mike. I really appreciate it. I am aware of microphonics but didn't know what degree is "acceptable" with tubes and if it is a sign of a bad tube.
I have yet to read through this whole thread (just skimmed) but I just want to add that I agree with everyone who prefers black over the veneer. I don't have an issue with veneers per se (if its a real wood veneer) but sometimes it looks fake/cheap. Perhaps if the grain ran the other direction or if it was a wood with less contrast, like quarter sawn white oak, mahogany, cherry, walnut, etc. Maybe I'll feel differently when I see them in person at CanJam. That said (about...
I have a couple questions I'm hoping some of you might have answers for. First off, I purchased a matched pair of Amperex 12AU7 Orange Globe tubes on eBay. I did not test the tubes before putting in the amp but everything is fine and I now understand the importance of testing first. I have been doing some research about testers and I'm wondering I could get some recommendations. Should I spend the money on a mutual conductance tester that reads Gm? The TU-8200 certainly...
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