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Here is a pair of Mr. Speakers Mad Dog w/ leather Alpha Pads. Original VModa cable included provided by Mr. Speakers.   These things sound great and are in GREAT condition. They have been used very little. I am selling them for one reason only...UNCLE SAM needs more of my money!   $200 via Paypal - shipped USPS with the CONUS. I am willing to ship internationally but the buyer will need to pay...
I'm sold. Can't wait to get one. No more fumbling around with buying more amps and DACs until I get my hands on this thing.
Are they going to be importing more of the new E12's? I can't find them anywhere for purchase.
Mad Dogs arrived around 10am. Spent the rest of the work day enjoying them. SRH-940's, DT880's, and Q701's are going back to the store. Thank you Guitar Center for your 30-day return policy. Mad Dogs are here to stay!
Just ordered a piar of Mad Dogs from Dan yesterday morning!
Now it doesn't matter how big your portable rig is, just keep it all in  your bookbag or manpurse!
Hey Guys,  I just saw on FB a buddy of mine posting pics with his new device. He supported the startup on kickstarter and received the device. The kickstarter is over now the the site is taking preorders.   Just looks pretty cook for nothing more than a small controller for your music you can where on your wrist...but it can do a lot more.   Did a quick search to see if anyone had posted about it and no one had so I thought I would...
So does it currently work with a iPhone 5?I am about to buy a HP-P1.Thanks!
So I could get away with just getting a portable amp? Sound good. What is recommended in the less that $200?
Does anyone know if the authentication chip is more of a "handshake" or is there decoding going on before hitting the DAC? Just wondering why sooo may devices work (ie. crappy car stereos, alarm clocks, etc) but not some of these portable DACs. Is it a licencing issue is Apple? Thanks!
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