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I was actually thinking about Loctite. LOL!
Another shot
Like this?
I love it when a plan comes together! Congrats Dr.Sheep! BTW,does anybody know the size of the screw that holds the knob for the potentiometer? Mine has gone AWOL!!!
I agree.  The included cable kept on having connection problems and the cable that came with my iPod is too long.  Thankfully Dr. Sheep sold me his Venture Craft cable.  It's a very high quality cable and has never let me down.
I still have my M50 although I don't use it anymore.  From what I remember, the M50 has a much larger V sound to my ear.  The trebles are very strong and can get strident sometimes.  Mids are very recessed.  Bass packs a good punch but doesn't go as low as the M-100's.  Sound detail retrieval are not as good as the M-100.  For me, the M50 was really fatiguing to use.  It just wasn't smooth.  Too much treble and too much bass with not much else in between.  But maybe that's...
Maybe see if there's a head-fi meet up near you? It's ok not to like the M-100's. So many headphones out there.
More X1 love baby! LOVE IT!!!
I would agree. I love the M-100 sound and it's hard to break free from it. The only other headphone I like as much as the M-100 is the Fidelio X1. Thank god I've found my end game for the up to $300! Not going above $300. Nope. No way. :P
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