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Finally solved the creaking issue! As I thought it was just the hinge making noise. So I opened it up and with a toothpick applied very small amounts of vaseline to both the hinges. Put it back together and the creaking noise is gone! Also upon closer inspection those silicon rings that sony put there to reduce noise don't do anything at all.
  Momentums look like they're trying too hard, and personally I cannot stand V-Modas, sorry :p . They look way too flashy, gaudy and just overall trying even harder than the momentums. The earcup design reminds me of medieval armor, lol. The MDRs look understated and classy, I dig that. 
What on earth are you talking about?. Just because it happened to a pair of shures why the hell would it happen to these? lol   Anyway, not getting rid of these, I actually love them. Best looking headphones in the market BY FAR.   Na uh. The creak is not coming from the swivel mounts on the headband, it's coming from the hinge that attaches the earcup it self to the holder; the half circle thing to which you connect the cable. It's just a matter of plastic rubbing on...
You guys have a solution for the creaking earpads? Oil? Vase line? Lol
The only complaint I have is the creaking ear cup..its driving me mad.
Maybe the song was badly mixed? Haven't really experienced that tbh.
  It's a bit too mid centric sometimes :/ Things can sound veiled and muffled, especially older daft punk songs ( matters to me a lot because I'm a huge daft punk fan)   The bass though, phew, it's absolutely brilliant. I prefer the bass on these to the bass on the pro700mk2s ( bass monsters, but not nearly as punchy as the bass on these).   I love mine though, they look insanely good. Like I would wear these outside and that's rare for me with over-ear headphones.
  They really shine with a nice treble boost and some recessed low-mids. Vocals jump out and hi-hats sound much crispier. Instrument seperation also improves because of the lack of the "veiled" sound signature that these have stock.
  You're joking?! 
Not again!!?? Unsubbed.Fwiw I don't think you should buy Heaphones at all. Just keep your LPs and be happy.
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