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Thanks for the article.
Alright, thanks.
Yeah, that'll come soon.
Just an update. I'm running them on my Rampage IV Formula and they play at a comfortable volume; in fact, they may be a bit too loud at 100% volume. Thanks again for the responses.
So what I'll do is try them out with the motherboard first once they arrive, which won't be for at least a week. If all goes well I won't bother with a proper portable DAC/amp just yet and will save for a very good one later on (since I don't plan on travelling much very soon but will in maybe a few months). Thanks for all the feedback everyone.
So how would the AudioEngine D1 be as a portable DAC/amp? From what I've heard, it's an excellent value.
My motherboard is using a Realtek chipset.
It should be noted that the S23A700D is probably the best looking 120Hz+ monitor while the VG248QE is theoretically the best performing (although I haven't tried it yet).
I'm about to purchase them, it takes a while to ship things to where I am.
It's not that I don't plan on purchasing a proper amp/DAC in the future, I'm just asking this since people have always recommended getting good headphones above all else. Also, I should mention that my motherboard has better on-board sound than most motherboards, that's why I'm asking whether it would be fine for the HD 600s.
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