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Thanks.  Didn't realize that.  Updating now.
There's the Leckerton UHA-6 MK.II with your choice of OP amps.  I found it quite good with IPod 7th.  Since buying the X5, I don't use it: (I like X5 on it's own).  I bought the hugo which is quite portable.  Both of these amp/dacs have optical and co-ax inputs.
At this time, They're up to 2.07 which is from what I've read, closer to dealing with the playlist issues.  Haven't tried it yet, as there has been some contravercy over the possible change in S Q from 2.02 on up.  And I don't have an empty card to update the firmware yet.I can't remember the link but you can google the X5 versions and the thread will show up.  That's how I kept track of the updates.  Could be here in the first post,though.
I also like the idea of 128GBx2 memory, mainly so I can enjoy higher resolution material.  I have at most, about 1500 tracks  at this time.  I like whatever people choose to post for the most part.Not saying one has to rerip 2.500 CDs.  It was just a thought that some concept albums could be ripped to cut down on the number of tracks to be indexed.  Do it or not FAIC.
As do I.  My big consern is making it more usable for a small minority of blind guys that find the player to be the best solution on the market at this time.  The X5 doesn't use the annoying touchscreen.  I really don't care about playlists and I don't have 5,800 songs to worry about at this time.  Reripping a few concept CDs in one's library might be a small work-around for some people.Kevin
Well, one could 'rip as one' certain albums with a common thread.  I.. I've done the old Jeff wayne War Of The Worlds as two single tracks, one for each CD.  Inconvenient perhaps, but might in a small way, work around the 5,800 track limit till FiiO comes up with a fix.
I have to aggree with the combining of both TF cards to a unified library.  That would eliminate trying to find that setting in the UI and make it even more an 'out of sight' player.Keep up the good work FiiO. 
I didn't realize that.  Thanks.  I'm running an XP machine (at my own risk) about 6 years old.  I was able to install the Hugo drivers on the PC, but that would provide an answer for both my posts.  Oh yeah: HDUSB.Meanwhile, sure sounds pleasant.  It took the shrillness out of my 325i;s and I think it controls my LCD-Xs right down to the low bass. (IMO)Again thanks.Kevin
YouTube runs slower and broken up when listening through the Hugo.  It can be annoying, but who needs it as I have other sources to enjoy.  Must be my older computer.  I also referred to a problem with the hugo causing the computer to freeze for a time when switching to 48, 96 or 192 tracks on page 374.   Any thoughts?
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