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I find it favourable as a stand-alone when compared to my Hugo.  I don't feel like I'm missing out either way.  Actually, with the QP, I can listen to .DSD, whereas it's too tricky to get the Hugo to do that with my FB2K XP setup.I do believe it can stand up alongside many desktop rigs without shame.
There's a setting.  I tried it off and changed setting to leave vol. control active.As for the rest:  I don't look at the screen, so can't help there.  And, I think the world has WAY to many touchscreens.  Nobody seems to like wheels, therefore, maybe they could put a 4-way toggle rocker thing on version II.  But PLEASE, QUESTYLE, no touchscreens I beg you.I'm sorry that Questyle chose to make their DAPs accessable to all.
Well, since I'm here: I've been trying to get FB2K to submit to my will about playing DSF files.  There's constant reference to something called 'fb2k sacd.dll' or something to that.  There is no such baby.  I see only 'foo-inputsacd fb2k component'.  Question:  Where is this ****g .dll file I need. Does using XP have some restrictive proclivity to this dificulty? Thanks for any help.
What about the non-american world.
Not yet.  Still hopin'.  I put it in as a request for an upgrade.
Piano tuner in the digital piano age.Well, guess I don't need food.  What's more important, anyway?
When I can afford one.
Oh hell!  I'm gonna try removing the foam.  Love them, but could use just a little more highs.
I found the Hugo offers better timbre to the instruments, whereas Mojo obscures it enough that I've had to do a doubletake to check what I'm hearing in the background.  Mojo slightly veiled.
Yeah!  Tell me about Signor.It's actually cheaper to buy in the US with can$ than up here.Once I saw an AK240 for can$5,100.  I kid you not.  And that was on Amazon.  The $189 for the cards was on sale from $300.00.
New Posts  All Forums: