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I understand and already have some.  I'd just like to know the best way to use them and how many and on which end to use them, or does it matter.  I put one on the end at the DAC.  Should I put one on the computer end, or am I making too big a deal over it?Thanks guys.
What I mean is, where on the cable would they be most effective?
Probably, but I don't use EQ anyway.  But, if some like it, well, it cam be cheaper than stacking amps with one's DAP.  On the Hugo thread there's been arguments about either EQing, or adding an amp to alter the sound signature.  If I had a poor quality phone, I'd use one of my amps. As I say, I don't EQ, but the problem with the QP1R's EQ being ineffective, may be an important issue for some.
Yes, that's where I think I found similar answers.  Somewhere in the original huge X5 thread, I think Joe Bloggs might have suggested an answer.  If one were to find one of his posts, one could look through his post history from earlier than at least two years ago.I think EQing shouldn't depend on whether the file is highres or not.  Some people like to EQ based on what HPs they use.  The Hi Res file may contain more subtle information, but EQing is a personal sound...
Sir, could you please illucidate on your usage of ferrics?
After the preferable area combo box, there are two more checkboxes: one is just 'edit' and the next one is 'master playback' in tools/sacd.  Are they important?  And if so, what are they used for?Thanks.
It may have something to do with processor usage.  On the FiiO X5, if I remember, you couldn't EQ above 24/48 because it used too much processing.Maybe someone with more knowledge can weigh in and correct me if necessary.
Ces you?  Stop at my place.  Jump out over Detroit and you may land at my  place with the new toys.  Huh!  Please?
Good to hear, @netforce.  Are they also working on folder play-through as well?
I'm not great at this, but got a lot of help.  1)  Is your DAC native DSD or DOP, DSD Over PCM?2)  What version of the components are you using?  That might be a good place to start.
New Posts  All Forums: