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Tonight, I'll test it with some X5 goodness.  Let you know in the morn. At least, the 5 won't turn off, kicking Angie in the.... anymore without ALO's protection.
Anywhere else to get them from.  Can't open an account.  They seem to want something typed in the last box after the confirm pw box.  Is there a damned capcha there? Thanks.
Got mine yesterday, late.  Only tried it with my lo-fi bookreader.  It turned that player into a silk-purse.  Today, real music with X5. And it does give the Angies something to sing about.
Then, the R it is.
We've all waited a long time for the 1/1R.  Would it be inapropriate to ask if the 1S might just be worth waiting a bit longer?  Or am I overstepping?
I should have said, fatiguing rather than cooked.  I just found the Angies less fatiguing over longer listening sessions.
What do the pictures show.  Can't see them.  Just curious.Thanks
Friendly disagreemen :  I have both the 846s and the Angies.  I thought the Angies reminded me a bit more of what LCD-Xs sound like.For me, the 8s had a little more cooked treble than either the A's or X's.  Just my thoughts.
I got a Regen and am going to try it when I get my hands on a power bar.  I think the coas sounds better than the HDUSB port.  Hope it helps.
I liked your comparison.  Makes me want a TT, (never have) but I have something to try  with the Hugo which might actually work.
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