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It just came up, so I took advantage to explain my personal dificulties in reading posts with speech.Back to X5II.
I had a look at the ATL site.  In a perfect world, there'd be less images and more words to describe the 41 choices on the page.  Still looking for that fictional female micro adapter.Oh well, my prob.
Makes sence.  Isn't it better to remove cards when disengaged electricly from the device?  Less chance of damage in case the device and memory are still communicating?
Sigh!  Yeah your right.Oh and @mak0, it didn't occure to me France would have a harder time with demoing product.  I was thinking about the guys across the border already trying these devices out while the Canadian distributer has neither hide nor hair of the QPs.It's like being restricted by HDTracks from downloading what you are willing to pay them for; especially Canadian artists.Sometimes, I wish the yanks would invade us.
I'm sorry to have to tell you, but you have X7 cyndrom.d
+1, but it's coffee for me.
And they were released in May.
In my cafeen-addled mind, I didn't think of that.  Excellent point.  You're right, of course.
Amazing how we're already asking for features on a DAP which we're unlikely to see for the near to middle future.  I recall I certainly never got a "we'll refer this" response to my simple request for continuous play between folders.  Not belittling other tagging requests, but, I suspect we'll have to have the thing in the common people's hands before we can really make proper requests for features.  All right; that goes for me as well. I'm curious why the DAC mode is a...
Please don't be offended, George.  My conditions are a bit different and in general, my speech synth depends on punctuation for smooth legible reading.  My problem.  Not anyone elses.  Brooko just gave me an opening.
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