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Let me also apologize for my rudeness on this topic.  I don't like self-pitty in anyone especially myself.
I've asked meself the same question.  I read that RB has some audible cues available.  Sorry to harp ad nausium about a speaking player, but it sounds like it could be done.  There's a lot of us annoying blind guys that might enjoy higher quality lik I.Kevin
I got an rca extention plug to fit onto a coax that wouldn't fit the hugo.  Just a little female to male connector.
+1 on reversing the next and previous track selection on the volume controls in lock mode.Kevin
I rlike the X5 for the absence of a touchscreen and the use of proper buttons.  I don't mind the scrollwheel.  That's why I am only interested in fiio as a company who accidently (maybe) made products for people with visual dificulties. I aggree that since the x7 is meant  for hi-rez listening,I don't see the use in wifi or bluetooth.  Don't use low-bit sources for pleasure listening.  If James feels the need for a touchscreen,  I hope he won't strip away the button...
Ah never mind.  My goddam screenreader didn't speak your post.  It has done it to certain posts,  and I'm frickin tired of this.  Suppose you never heard of a screenreader.
I'm just curious.  I could read your post one word at a time.  When I listen to it regularly, It doesn't read.  What format are you using.  I've noticed it on other people's posts. Of course, I mean the font.
I'm a bit homebound for health reasons.  But I plan to purchase one of those Hugo cases if they've come out.  The H doesn't seem so big to me.  It or the X5 fits in my pocket; but not both.I think I'll have no problem with an  appropriate carrying case and will take it whenever I choose.Kevin
Thanks KKCC.  I feel like an idiot for asking, but I had to know.Kevin
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