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I know you're actually right about all you said and my attitude at this time is compelling me to get some sleep.I look in here from time to time to check on developments. But all of my sniping aside, I like what I've heard about X7 except it's accessability is restrictive for me.  I'll be sticking with looking at X5vII or some dac similar.Anyway, night people.
Some of us could trawl amazon, or the other various on-line sites from time to time.  Since Audeze doesn't sell on them,...  FWIW.
Please don't use the 'B' word.  I'm a tuner, not a dirty businessman.  I'm 53, not well and This thread always gets my BP up.       I hope the people who have helped me on Head-fi will eventually forgive me, but this is one of the most inane and pointless threads I know.     Any comments on what people command James to do, is pointless.  Maybe one should start a thread later on, (say,uh June) when things are supposed to be happening.As for my annoying self, I'm moving on...
I hope so.  At my age, customers like that I don't need.  Besides, it's a great feeling to be psychotically rude to someone who pushes your buttons.  Chances are, I wouldn't like their referals anyway.  Most cases like that the customer would have probably pissed other people off: no one to refer.The X7 (for me) seems to have gotten too diverse  to be interesting to me anymore.  I'll just wait for the X5II and see.
I can't wait till the last post to comment on audioking, but who the he(doublesticks) is he to order the company around like he's ...well y'know.The X7 is done, they're probably building them now, so there's no point in barking about how it looks or functions anymore.And, if I was tuning a piano and the customer was telling me how to do my job, I'd walk out on him.
I have the silver dragon.  Firm plug-in and I'm sure I noticed a slightly brighter clearer sound.  I checked it with my UHA-6II and definately noticed sound improvement.
Thanks Joseph69.  I have some 325i for quite a few years, and had a chance to move up to the 1ke.  Curious, what did you find lacking in the G1Ks?
Thanks.  I ordered a set of Es which should be here in a week or so.  What should I look for as a proper P1000E when it arrives?Thanks.Kevin
1st time I've heard of the frankenstein Grados.  Could someone fill me in?  Or has this been disgussed already in this thread?
Shouldn't it be 40 shades of ...?
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