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I'm guessin' the QBD.  I doth weap for thee Hugo.
Oh, I think I get ya now.  Thanks.  By the way, are FiiO supposed to be eliminating the wheel for X7?  Has the 7 taken some form that can be described?
By the way, I've forgotten, what's DLNA?  I also like the matching external battery pack idea.  Didn't one of the HM-XXXs have one?
Many's the time one of my boys let me listen to something on their smartphone, and I'd accidently touch the screen while holding it.  Besides, I can't use them easily.  Not saying my needs over ride other people's.  Just my vote.
Yeah, I guess Android wouldn't be so bad.  There is available software for some of us to hear where we are.  I'm still hoping mainly for a suped-up form of the X5  with the new dac mentioned somewhere on this thread.  I like knowing that accidently touching the screen won't send me to god-knows-where on the player.  JMUO
True enough.  I'll just have to force myself to get comfortable with various sinarios.  Just helped Colin for hours of studdy.  He can give me a few minutes.  LOL
Thanks for all your help, Olddude.  I will try the firmware tomorrow.  After my boy is done with his mid-terms.  Can't bother him just yet; He's stressin'.  Thanks again.Kevin
Thanks as well, Laugua.  You both have been very clear with your explanations.  I'll play with it after and post results tomorrow.
Thanks alot.  It's partly because I discovered Head-Fi while deciding to by some TF10s and partly because I'm a history and political junky;  as refering to Huey Long.Your advice seems to jibe with my dificulties.  Could you tell me the path to folders knowing that I'm not seeing the screen?  My son can help me find it as long as I know where to look.  I'll try using folders instead.I had to connect X5 to my computer to initiate a library autoscan to put me back to 'now...
I'm afraid I don't get your drift,Scarey.  Since this isn't a touchscreen, you can do anything without it.  I don't understand 'manually'.  Could you please elucidate further?Thanks for your time.
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