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Yes, my consience has been bothering me since then.  Hell, I still owe a small amount of money from 30 years ago, but can't find the guy.
Rob has always extoled the virtues of 16/44.100 especially with the Hugo.  although, that's made me wonder about designers that may not be as impressed with hi-res as others.  Mike Moffit has stated that he has no use for DSD,  for example.  Therefore, he built a DAC and named it after the evil norse god Loki.  That would make me think twice before buying one even if they were still available.I therefore wonder if Rob's DACs would be designed to give it's all to high-res...
Well, my opinion-for what it's worth-is:  I had the Mojo in good faith for a review a year ago Xmas, and was trusted to write a review.  The problem was that I really didn't have anything earthshakingly positive to say about it against my Hugo.  I found it-to my ears-to be a poor substitute for Hugo; not in the same class.  Mojo sounds 1/3rd the Hugo to me.  With classical music in particular, it sounded muddy and unclear insofar as it was not able to flesh out the...
Thanks.  Tell me, do the changes that fidelizer makes to the player remain perminently or do they have to be redone like the computer optimization?
Thanks.  There's also the last option to allow Fidelizer to optimize your player; FB2K, in my case.  Is there a particular file or component of FB I should look for to select?  I typed in 'Foobar2000', and it says program not found.Thanks again.
If I could chime in again, I have both still.  I use the 846s with blue filters with the tinsert removed.  I get a bright sound but without losing the bass with the whites.  That being said, I use the Angies almost exclusively.  Somewhere in the earlier posts on this thread, I wrote some opinions about both, saying that the Angies have better, clearer bass, which is somewhat separated from the rest of the spectrum with the 846.  My Sures are strictly bedtime use.  I can...
Gotta agree with you, regarding the Silver Dragon.  I've had to turn the bass to 3:00 from about 12:30 with the original.  The highs are so extended, not just loud to me; it's a whole new ballgame.  And I just realized how old this post was, but I had to respond: computer down for a while, y'know.Oh yes, and I also wore my complies in reverse.  The sound wasn't so damped down.
Then, forget about selling it on here.  I hope that maybe, my dealer will try to sell mine on consignment, (is that how it's spelled?) so I can get a few slippery Canadian $.  Maybe some Mojo guy will endulge himself with the older Hugo.
@WindowsX I've just started to try the Program currently in its free version.  I use what's known as a screen reader to hear what's on the screen.  I believe Fidelizer turned it off as an unnecessary program.  Is there a way to tell the program that my screen reader is nneeded?
Sorry, got mine 2013.  Let you know, in case.
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