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@rudewolf, I can't believe it.  I try to get help for this thing not working.  AND YOUR SITE DOESN'T HAVE AN AUDIO CAPCHA?  I cannot forgive sound companies for not using sound to block out robots and blind guys from getting assistance in installing this very dificult-to-get-to-work software. This is sound, music. Not video.  My money will be as good as anyone's with sight.  FIX THIS, NOW! Have a nice day.
Which Dream Theatre album is Honor from?
You know, this is getting frickin' irritating.  I get the email to try systemwide, install it, copy my trial licence key, and they still won't activate without jumping through hoops.  I click on the icon and it doesn't open the program. I'm dying to hear the improvement to the LCD-x.  But, frankly, it's beginning to be a big pain. I guess I'll take a couple of hours off to get a fresh look at the problem.  But the original free trial months ago, didn't work.  I couldn't...
I like Caroline and the title track from Tango.  Sounds really good on the ol' QP.
For distance, an extention cord.  And I believe Chord was quite particular about using the proper PS for H1.  Yes, I would email them.  It's because it's a 3K unit that one should be careful.
Better definition of individual instruments in large ensembles.  I noticed that with the Hugo1.  I believe you'll be pleasantly surprised.
Thanks.  I would have asked on the H2 thread, but it seems to be inaccessable at this time.
Would you happen to know the Hugo vs Hugo2 power specs?
Is that a diferent vocalist.  Doesn't sound like ol' Zippy.But your right.  Body Breakdown was a relatable song for me during my kidney failure.  Think I'll test with that.
Just diverting from the impossible, quantizing diferent levels of products subjectively:  Talking about tracks to be played on one's new Hugo2,  how about Hoff Ensemble's Quiet Winter's Night?   It is a very ambient-sounding album, and A/B'ing the two Hugos will be an interesting exercise, at least for me.  Anyone else have some more ideas?
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