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Guys, what's a raspberry pie some of you mentioned,please?
Come on over.  Bring your gear with you.
I just bought a SilverDragon to replace the FiiO X5 stock, and it sounds a little relaxed and open to me.  I'm using XP and was having lagging problems with the Hugo which have markedly improved with the SD.  Sorry, haven't heard the DHC.
Thanks for your impressions.  I'm waiting on SE-846s.  Good to hear a straight positive review describing the increased pleasure you've gotten out of music, which is the main point of all of this.Kevin
I've only used the Wywires.  I think they're much more open than stock.
+1  Sick of the whole thing.
In the car?  Can one tell in a noisy environment such as a moving vehicle?  Or are you going to tell us you were sitting with the engine off?  Sigh!
Sounds to me like an angry man with an adjenda.  CleoS twelve files were proof enough for me.  But I'm just a piano technician who depends on his ears. I prefer beautiful sound over the truth.
I do.  No complaints.  I have (by accident (my fault)) two CoAx cables from Phil W and they work fine.  I also like the two microSD slots and that they may be able to use larger storage capacity with further firmware upgrades.  According to the FiiO X5 page, they might be able to use 2X256GB cards or even 512GB eventually.
Center/twisted was the first test I did.  Then the rest.  My Xs are better than my ears deserve, I found out.  Oh well.
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