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Excellent.  There's enough power to drive them comfortably.  I've been known to listen for a couple of hours now and again with my QP.  I did this for DSD tracks until I managed to get FB2K to DOP for me and my Hugo.Try it; I really think you'll like it.Oh and for older not well-recorded flac converts, well, GIGO.
Yeah!  Gotta give you a big thumbs-up on that FiiO comment.  It kinda felt they were right with you, working with us.  And the beta FWs were encouraging.  Maybe Questyle should give ol' Joe Bloggs a call.
Ya know, I like that they enlarged the font.  Now, couldn't they install a tiny program that reads the screen in voice. All kidding aside, I love this player; waited for ten months for it to be released.  The sound is 2die4!  Why can't they make a firmware as good as FiiO's X5.  X5I's final FW was a good finished product, even though it's a mid-fi DAC.  The play-through function would have  meant less fiddling with the buttons for me.  Sometimes, if I activate the button...
As I said, I'll pass on this particular update, unless there's some improvement under the hood (so to speak) other than the obvious points.  At least they satisfied some suggestions.  Let's see what 1.0.7  brings.
I think I'll pass on this update.  The changes are all visual according to the release notes.  Nothing on playthrough.  I'm glad some of you got the larger font size.
If anyone is curious, I had a problem sending a DOP DSD to the Hugo from FB2K.  A poster, @JacobAllisonon the Foobar problem forum suggested to revert from Foo_input_sacd from 0.9.7  back to 0.84.  Looks like it worked. Just thought I'd let you know.
You were right!  I uninstalled 097 and installed 0.8.4, and it looks like it fixed the problem.Thanks!Kevin
If it wasn't for the Hugo thread or the Hugo itself, I suspect your complaint would be about the Mojo forum; assuming there would've been a Mojo without the Hugo.My main portable is the Angie, although I also use the 846 (blue-modified) on ocasion.  I barely hear hiss out of either, but I'm not as young and have played in bands for 30 years.The Xs are my favourite desk phones.  HTH
Out of curiosity, which version worked with your mediy 9018?  I'm using Foo-input-sacd.097.
Glad I found this thread, and that DSD popped up. I've gotten DSD to work somewhat through my Hugo and configured it with ASIO4ALL and the DOP thing.  I can play DSD with the PCM setting at 352,000.  When, however, I try to play in DSD mode, the FB status bar shows DSD645000 or so, followed by the 2.8...MHz indicating it's DSD.  But, I can't hear the full track as FB seems to run through the track at least 4X speed.  The track plays normally right up until the song ends...
New Posts  All Forums: