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Which brand of condom is that?
I also had a chance to listen to the auralic vega few months ago and I was entirely impressed. The DA8 isn't too far from it either, da8 is a bit warmer compared to the vega but that vega has some amazing extensions.
the 800 shares the same amp as the 600, so basically the 800 just has a built-in-dac. The amp is disappointing. If anything you're better off going with the 600 and adding a dedicated dac for it. But the 600 nor the 800 would be my choice. Who knows, you might feel different about em, if I were you--I'd seriously consider questyle's offering.
Unfortunately sennheisers hdva doesn't live up to all the hype, in comparison to the DA8 the hdva600 is quite pathetic really.
because the master3 is epic with the HE-6 as well
Seems like active studio monitors are quite popular these days. I purchased a pair of Event Opals myself 2 days ago. It made me cry
Last price drop guys
I don't think I need to provide any information given its popularity by now. So thanks for looking and good luck!  I will cover the shipping within the US, international transaction shipping rate is by the buyer. Please add the paypal fees. **Price Drop**
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