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Will it hurt anything to leave the Magni on constantly while not in use?
I may go ahead and try to get one then. I'd just hate to spend more money and find out I still can't tell the difference, haha. To use the E09K, do I also need the E17 device? I'm curious about the Schiit Magni as well, that's a bit a cheaper than the e09k.thanks so much for your help.mrspeakers would you be able to cancel the return request I made? the ID is 24
As a noob who's been pretty happy with AD700s, I got my MDs today and have to say I couldn't really tell the difference between the the two (apart from the obvious of open vs closed). I'm only running these on an Xonar DG, could this be why? I blew all my spending money on the MDs, so I don't really have any left for an amp or anything. Does anyone have advice? Also the MD clamp with my glasses kills my ears. I'm bad at this whole thing
New Posts  All Forums: