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Use promo code BABY6 and get 5% off instead of 2.
New Audio Technica A900X for 139.95 or refurbished for 104 at BuyDig:   Use PROMO code 30yrshotdeals15   Also Fiio E11 for 44.95 using promo code 30yrshotdeals10
  You can save another 5 dollars to make the total 149.95 with promo code DIG5.   Also, Best Buy has lots of CD's on sale for 3.99 including albums from the Muse, Metallica, Linkin Park, White Stripes, Notorious BIG, Green Day, and many others + free...
Woot has a couple of deals on headphones and amplifiers:   Refurbished Sony DR-ZX701IP -- 29.00   Rebranded (Pyle) Fiio E7 -- 52.00   Fiio E11 -- 45.00   Fiio E6 -- 20.00
I was comparing it to a lightening deal a month ago in May for the HF2 for 84.99, not the current deal for the HF5. 
They also have the Etymotic research HF2, same as the HF5 but with a mic and single button, for 89.99 (Just 5 dollars more than a lightening deal a few weeks ago).
Refurbished Sennheiser Amperiors (Blue) with a 3 month warranty for 147.99 at VM Innovations:   They also have the new ones (Silver) with a full 2 year warranty for 176.99   They are an authorized Sennheiser reseller.
VMInnovations also has NEW amperiors (blue) with a 2 year warranty (They are authorized dealers) for 249.95 - 12.50 (using promo code BRADS313 -- posted by darkipod) = 237.45.   They also have refurbished ones (3 month warranty) for a bit cheaper 167.99.
A decent deal on Audio Technica ATH-AD900 for 159.95 at Remember that these are open cans and NOT the same as the A900/A900X.   164.95 - 5.00 = 159.95; Use promo code DIG5 at checkout.   *Opps. Thanklesspanda posted before me.*
Saw this deal for the Soundblaster X-Fi Portable for 1.00. Don't know if it's any good but it's only a buck:   Also, I believe someone earlier mentioned that Newegg has the Monster Turbine Pro Coppers for 199.00 but you can use coupon code VMEPROMOMAR13 for 10% off (with V.ME checkout) making it 180.
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