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 I think Currawong mentioned in a previous thread that he did not categorize Groupon in the the same vein as group buy sites that are not allowed here. Hopefully, he can clarify this in more detail. On another note, Razordogaudio's ebay page has an open box (with full warranty) HE-500 for 519, plus I got an email that today you can get 4X the ebay bucks (or 8% back, I think). So if you shop on ebay frequently, this might be a good deal.
Beyerdynamic DT1350 are back down to under 200 at Amazon:
I just got my X3 yesterday and immediately tried to upgrade the firmware to version 1.31. The upgrade appeared to work and the machine booted fine; however, it hung when I tried to validate the FW version and now I can't turn it on. I've tried the reset button, the on button, re-installing older firmware, plugging it into the computer -- nothing works. Was I supposed to install each FW increment prior to installing version 1.31?   Any help would be greatly appreciated....
  They are an authorized Sennheiser Dealer and come with a 3 month warranty. I've purchased New Amperiors and Refurb HD650 from them. The refurb HD650 looked like new and came with everything including the box and instructions (very rare for refurb headphones). Shipping is also very fast -- about 3 days.   Use promo code BRADS713 to get another 5% off for a total of 205.
VMODA M-100 B stock (probably only one in stock) for 249 -- full warranty -- at headroom.
Someone grabbed it fast. I checked again after 5 minutes and it was gone. I believe that they only have one in stock at that price -- likely a 30 day return or something.
B-stock HE-500 with full warranty at HeadRoom for 549. They also have an HE-400 for 339.
Looks like Sonic Electronix has the Fidelio X1 back in stock for 250. Not sure if the promo code for 10 percent off still works.
It appears that you can use the JULY4 promo code for 14% off with these deals.
Use promo code BABY6 and get 5% off instead of 2.
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