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Thanks luisdent. I'm really enjoying this EQ. The sound is lively and smooth - an improvement for me over the standard response.
and a desert island disk for me is Dvorak's Piano Trio Op. 90 #1 "Dumky". Wonderful melodies and changes of mood  
>>also have a sansui 771 priced at $160. "good" condition.  i lucked into a sansui 771 at about that price. it had been lightly overhauled (deoxit, outputs adjusted to spec). It has a wonderful warm sound, great with my hd600 headphones. Recently got hold of a pioneer sa-8100 amp, but prefer the sound of the Sansui...
A sadness! Such strong clear playing on his Bach Suites discs, you can hear his fingers impacting the fingerboard at times, and for me still the standard for these pieces. And his recording of the Kodaly solo Sonata...
I assumed, perhaps incorrectly, that VBR = variable bit rate, and that if you rip at 256 VBR, 256 is the max bitrate, and for sections of lower complexity in the music, the actual bitrate will be lower than that max. Anyone care to confirm or educate me?
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