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Something of £75 max! i had a look at Shure SE215 but i dont like the over ear design, i also looked at Phonak Audeo Perfect Bass however filters seemed a major issue..
Yeah because i always get recommended hippo vb which i cant buy in UK, or the klipsch x10 which are way over price range, if theres something similar priced and better, im all ears Thanks, i think i might go for the M2 though!
any more help? :/
ah nice nice! thanks for the info, ill bear that in mind 
help please?
I need new in-ear's since my old CX-400II Precision broke about a week ago (I had them for 2 years or so) Two choices came to mind: - Brainwavz M2 - MEElectronics SP51   What im looking for: - great bass (that doesnt bleed into the mids - i know extreme bass setting on SP51 might do this) - i value good, clear mids/highs - no distortion - long lasting cables/housings   (p.s. klipsch x10 might be great as you reccomend but i do not want...
SP51's or Brainwavz M2's?
lol i have the funds, but personally don't wanna spend that much, seems like a good choice for the x10's - everyones recommending them! couple years ago i could easily choose a headphone and buy it the next day, now it takes a lot of homework lol
i have come down to 3 new earphones after reading more comments and doing more snooping around: - Brainwavz M2 - MEElectronics SP51 - MEElectronics M11p Advice for which one to go for would be appreciated:)
id prefer the M2's.. they've always been in the back of my mind. Thanks for the reply, great help!
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