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What was the issue?
OK Jason, time to switch to decaf. On a happier note, I live in Redondo and was thinking of replacing my open headphones, which are Senn 650s. [I switch to closed Mr. S alpha primes when the wife and kids are awake]. I wanted to come in for a listen, compare and hopefully purchase. Question - I have a Moon cable with 4-pin XLR on the 650s - do you think I should dig up the stock cable and bring it with me, or am I overthinking this?
I store only 16/44 and 24/96 FLAC files on the Wireless Plus and stream them to my iPad using the following apps: 8-Player, AcePlayer and Remote File Browser Pro. I dont like the way the sort by metadata, so I just browse by file folders. I listen to albums, and use 01-song title, 02-song title, etc. file naming.
I went back to my iPad mini from the iPhone 5 (both iOS7) because I'm &^#% old and cant read the small type on the iPhone while I'm driving. I have not had any 24/96 stuttering probems with the following setup: Seagate Wireless Plus > iPad mini > 8Player app > Lightning CCK > powered hub > Musical Fidelity V-Link II USB/SPDIF > Audison Bit One car audio processor.
My iPhone 5 (iOS7) is connected to a Seagate Wireless Plus that is in my car's armrest (about 1 foot from the phone) and to the audio equipment by way of the lightning to USB Camera Adapter (aka CCK). I've tried three different FLAC apps so far on 24/96 files with the following results:   8Player - no problems other than the occational very brief stutter (maybe once every other song) - I've read that it does not downsample AcePlayer - no stuttering, but it stops playing...
Are the FLAC files stored on the iPod, or are you streaming them via wifi?
I'm using the apple lightning to USB Camera Adapter (still using the old CCK shorthand) and then an Audioquest USB cable from the CCK to the USB/SPDIF
Jazzman7 - thanks for the info on the CCK (from a few days ago)   I am now able to use my iPhone 5 (iOS7) with the CCK. My set up is for my car, and being able to just plug the CCK into the phone is very handy. No more iPad. FWIW, my set up, which is working great with only a very occasional "skip," is as follows:   Seagate wireless plus HDD (600 GB of 16/44 and 24/96 FLAC) > iPhone (8Player or AcePlayer apps) > CCK and USB cable > powered hub (not sure if I still need...
Has anybody tried to connect an iPhone (running iOS7) to a DAC or USB/SPDIF device (with or without a powered hub) via the Apple Camera Connector Kit? The CCK did not work with the iPhone with iOS6 and there were rumors that it would with iOS7.
Quick Update   The Musical Fidelity V-Link II (up to 24/96) works with the following two set-ups that provide additional power, but did not work without additional power.   iPad mini (iOS 6.1.3) > CCK > Powered USB hub (Plugable 4 port USB 2.0 with USB 1.1 charging) > V-Link > coax cable > DAC   iPad mini (iOS 6.1.3) > CCK > Unitech USB hub (connected to a power source) > V-Link > coax cable > DAC
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